Discount ticket for The World Famous Harlem Gospel Choir: Martin Luther King Jr. Day Matinee in New York City

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The world famous Harlem Gospel Choir performs contemporary American gospel with a touch of blues and jazz. When you hear their name, you think of powerful vocals, glorious sound infused with infectious energy. They are America’s premier gospel choir and have thrilled audiences around the globe.

“It’s more than a show, it’s a feeling.” – Pope John Paul II

Black gospel music had its roots in the 1700s when African slaves were brought to America. They brought their unique African musical heritage and combined it with their new religion Christianity. Out of the hardships and trials of slavery came black gospel music. The Harlem Gospel Choir performs modern gospel classics as performed in the black churches in today’s Harlem.

“The Choir are God’s people from Harlem” – Amy Grant

The Harlem Gospel Choir have performed for 3 Presidents – President Carter, President Obama and President Nelson Mandela, 2 Popes – Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI and the UN General Assembly.

“Harlem Gospel Choir – Thank You!” – Oprah Winfrey

The Harlem Gospel Choir embodies the spirit of American gospel. They are infectiously enthusiastic in each and every concert. Singing and dancing make for a gospel celebration! Expect rich harmonies and dynamic sounds. Their songs of hope and inspiration will touch your soul and lift your spirit.

“You guys are terrific” – Sir Elton John

The Harlem Gospel Choir Performance

The Harlem Gospel Choir will be performing the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Matinee at Sony Hall on January 17, 2022. The doors will open at 11 am and the concert will begin at 12:30 pm.

“Harlem Gospel Choir are Angels in Harlem” – Bono, U2

The concert will be powerful and uplifting and an unforgettable experience. The music and singing will have you tapping your feet, singing along and dancing in the aisle with the vibrant rhythms of gospel music. The music will bring joy to your heart and your soul. And be prepared – the Harlem Gospel Choir will take your breath away.

“You can see that Harlem Gospel Choir love what they do” – Sir Keith Richards


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