Discount tickets for Sky Zone fun centers in Philly, Oaks, Bethlehem, Pittston Pennsylvania, etc.
Children playing on a inflatable trampoline

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Bounce off the walls and do it safely at Sky Zone in Pennsylvania. Sky Zones have trampolines that cover the floor and their trampolines continue upward on the walls to form angles that are perfect for crawling up the wall, sliding down the wall or springing off the wall.

Things To Do In Sky Zone

Activities at Sky Zone include

Sky Hoops

Elevate basketball with bouncing. It’s easier to make a basket or block a shot when you’re up in the air.

Zip Line

Zip and soar through the zone and land in the foam pit.

Parkour Bay

Your obstacles will be foam vault block hurdles. You must jump over them as quickly as you can.

The Wall

Athletes and climbers take on the challenge of the Wall which is part trampoline, part parkour and part vertical ramp.

Ninja Warrior Course

You will be challenged by a variety of obstacles testing your strength, agility and speed.


Climb up a fidgeting ladder to the very top and plant your flag. If you fail, you’ll land on padding and then give it another try.

Ultimate Volleyball

Play above the net. Get an aerial boost for spikes and blocks.


Keep your balance on a narrow SkyLine and walk from wall to wall.

Toddler Zone

A play area for toddlers and their parents to play and bounce.


Use aerial silk fabrics to climb to the top spin around or try aerial stunts.

Freestyle Jump

Connect with your inner acrobat and let go of gravity! Bounce to new heights on the wall to wall trampoline courts.

Free Climb

Climb a wall with boulders without a harness.

Ultimate Dodgeball

Have fun throwing balls at your opponents when you’re up in the air!

Wipe Out

This is an 8 player action game. A giant sweeping arm tries to knock players down. Can you be the last one standing?


This is a unique way to play basketball. Bounce your way to slam dunks.

Sky Joust

Stand on gladiator style pedestals over a foam pit or airbags. Knock your opponent off his pedestal before he can do it to you.

Attractions vary by location. Skysocks are required and cost $4.

Glow is on Friday and Saturday nights from 8 pm to 11 pm. Lasers, music and blacklight changes the park into a jumping dance club. Glow shirts are required and cost $4.

Sky Zones are located in Philadelphia, Chalfont, Oaks, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Bethlehem, Glen Mills and Pittston.

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