Coupon, promo code for Dark Night Halloween Scream Park in Long Island, New York

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Darknight Halloween World Scream Park is Long Island’s largest Halloween event.  And not just that, it was voted by BuzzFeed as the #15 most terrifying haunt every horror fan must visit in the United States.  It is located on a 14-acre property at the Bald Hill Amphitheater in Farmingville, New York.  It has a Halloween Festival with local artists and vendors, a spooky photo op trail, a vintage Halloween museum, and more.  And it has not one, not two, but nine different state-of-the-art and retro-themed Haunted House Attractions.

The theme behind this year’s Dark Night Halloween World Scream Park is that you are in a parallel reality, “Earth 631”.  Mort Spuccenskrem, their history’s most notorious showman and filmmaker has become a CEO.  He’s decided to take over Dark Night Halloween World, and he’s decided to implement revolutionary technology to upgrade the scare actors using AI.

And you know how people say Artificial Intelligence will ruin our world?  Well, this year’s Dark Night Halloween World Scream Park will be proof of that.  Because the park’s artificial intelligence will go rogue.  They’ll try to attack anyone who tries to leave.

And that’s bad enough.  But worse, this alternate reality theme park has opened a portal to another dimension.  So if everything isn’t stopped, the horrors of that dimension will spill over into our very own.  So guests will need to find a way to shut down the Dark Night Halloween World Scream Park’s artificial intelligence and close the portal before the point of no return.

Haunted Houses

So as I said, there are nine different haunted houses:

  • Kill the Light: Mr. Lonely’s – NOT-SO – Funhouse
  • Sorcerer Supreme Pizza Party’s Kids Eat’n Room
  • R.A. The Rugged Man’s Hip – Hop Zombie City
  • Uncle Mort’s The Great SPOOKY RIDE!
  • Uncle Mort’s Mojo Dojo SpookHouse
  • Thrust! Anarchy Alley
  • Uncle Mort’s Movie Museum
  • Beyond The Back-Rooms
  • Beyond the Beyond

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