Save money on New York City Manhattan attractions with New York Pass save $750

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If you are planning a New York City trip, then you might be considering many different activities you could do in the city, such as visiting the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, the 9/11 Memorial, Madame Tussauds, river cruises, etc.  Unfortunately, not everything in New York City is free, but there is a way to significantly save money on a trip to NYC.

You can do this by purchasing the New York pass.  The New York pass gives you entry into 90+ attractions in New York City, including 17 tours and a fast track entry into the 15 busiest attractions.

You can buy different durations of the New York City pass depending how long your trip to New York City is and the New York pass gives you free entrance into any of those attractions for the duration of your pass.  For example, if you purchase a 5 day pass, then you can see any of the 90+ attractions for those 5 days, and once those 5 days are over your pass is no longer good.

The longer the pass that you purchase, the more attractions you can see and the more money you can save.  In fact, if you were able to view all of the attractions, you could save around $2000, which is great given how expensive a vacation to NYC can get.  But with the New York pass, you can keep costs down while still having an amazing trip you’ll never forget!