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You may have visited a waterpark before.  But have you ever visited a pop-up waterpark?

Well, you can this year with Slide City Waterpark!  Slide City Waterpark is the first ever all-inflatable pop-up waterpark.  They’ll be coming to three different locations in the New York City area this summer:

  • Cross Country Center (Yonkers, New York): June 27, 2023, through July 16, 2023
  • Freehold Raceway Mall (Freehold, New Jersey): July 25, 2023, through August 13, 2023
  • Danbury Fair Mall (Danbury, Connecticut): August 22, 2023, through September 10, 2023

And this won’t just be a few inflatable slides.  No, they are bringing over 15 inflatable slides and 100 inflatable attractions!

The waterpark is divided into three different sections: Roaring Waters, Splash Zone, and Lil Squirts Splashworks.  I’ll tell you about the attractions in the different sections.  I’ll also tell you about Glow-In-The-Park Adult Swim.  And then I’ll tell you how you can save money on your ticket!

Roaring Waters

This is where you’ll find the biggest thrill attractions:

  • Twister: A water slide with a 90-degree turn, a banked wall, and a landing pool
  • The Sling Shot: A three-story tall thrill ride with a super steep slide where you are launched into the air into a super-soft Zero Shock Landing Bag
  • The Hurricane: 27’ slide with lots of turns and tunnels
  • Hidden Jaguar: An Amazon-jungle-themed slide
  • Roaring Rapids: A water slide with a radical sliding angle
  • Queen’s Gambit: A royal-themed, crown and scepter slip n slide
  • The Green Monster: An over 36 feet tall slide that is one of Slide City’s largest water slides

Splash Zone

This is where you’ll find the biggest splashes!  Attractions here include:

  • Aqua Splash: An over 113 feet long obstacle course
  • Cali Palms: A tropical-themed bounce house attraction with a large bouncing area, basketball hoop, climbing wall, dual lane water slide, and tunnel
  • The Princess: A princess-themed inflatable with posh pink and purple colors and a tiara on top
  • Velocity: A water slide with a one-of-a-kind U-turn slide
  • Fiery Tides: A Mount Vesuvius-themed attraction where two riders climb up the volcano and slide down the double-lane Fiery Tides to the safety of a pool
  • The Dolphin: An 18-foot-tall waterslide where you climb up, get caught in the rip currents and then get spit out in the water below
  • The Big Wave: A nostalgic water slide
  • Wild Waves Slip n Slide: This summertime favorite is not the do-it-yourself Slip n Slide you grew up with; instead, it is faster and more adrenaline pumping

Lil Squirts Splashworks

A dedicated area for smaller kids with attractions like:

  • Purple Rain: A purple and pink-themed bounce house with a large bouncing area, dual-lane water slide, tunnel, climbing wall, and basketball hoop
  • Over The Rainbow: Rainbow-themed Bounce House with a large bouncing area, a climbing wall, basketball hoop, slide, and a tunnel
  • Slipity Double Dipity: Two slides that descend guests into the two large splash pools below
  • Tropical Aloha: A play area where children can climb up and splash down into a ball pit pool
  • Shark Bites: A bounce house where you navigate through 360-degree obstacle challenges until you get to the end
  • Lil Kahuna: A great place for young kids to splash around

Glow-In-The-Park Adult Swim

Glow-In-The-Park Adult Swim takes place on Fridays and Saturdays at each location.  It runs from 7:00 to 10:00 PM.  It includes three hours of unlimited sliding and music provided by DJs.  This is only available for guests ages 21 years old and older.


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There are coupons available for both general waterpark admission and Glow-In-The-Park Adult Swim.  You can choose weekend or weekday admission.