2021 News for Adventure Island water park in Tampa Bay, Florida

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Here at Green Vacation Deals, we always love reporting theme park news to you guys.  And today we are really excited about a couple of announcements about Adventure Island water park in Tampa Bay.

Adventure Island, in case you don’t know, is Busch Gardens Tampa Bay’s water park.  It has a lot of fun rides and attractions for adults and children.

Previously, Adventure Island was only opened seasonally.  Which could be disappointing for me whenever I was in Tampa and it wasn’t open.  A couple of years ago I was there in March and the weather was great, but unfortunately, it wasn’t upon yet for the season.

But all of that is changing!

Adventure Island Open Year-Round

Adventure Island has just announced that is open year-round!  This means you can enjoy everything Adventure Island has to offer even if you are traveling to Tampa at an off-peak time.

This is great for when the weather is great (which happens a lot in Florida).  But you also go when the weather is colder, too.  They have brand-new heaters so you can those summer vibes going even when the weather gets a bit cooler.

Adventure Island being open year-round now is exciting news.  But it’s not the only exciting news.  We’re about to tell you about Adventure Island’s other big announcement.

Hang Ten Tiki Bar

Adventure Island is getting a brand new bar!  And not just any bar.  First of all, it is Adventure Island’s first full-service bar.  So that in and of itself is exciting.

But it also has a great theme as it is a tiki bar! The Hang Ten Tiki Bar gives Adventure Island a great island feel.

But of course, the main reason you’ll want to visit is for the drinks, right?


The Hang Ten Tiki Bar sells hand-crafted signature cocktails.  Standout sparkling cocktails include the Beach Bum Mojito and The Hang Ten classic daiquiri with an island twist.  They have great frozen cocktails, too, like the Caribbean Corkscrew and the Island Lava Flow.
You can even get a non-alcoholic version so those under 21 years old can join in the fun, too.

Rum & Beer

The Hang Ten Tiki Bar also sells fan-favorite local brews and a great selection of regional and international rums.  In fact, they have over twenty international & local Florida-distilled Rums.

They have great theming with their drinks, too.  You can get a surf-themed rum or beer flight.  For example, their “Shortboard Flight” has a unique selection of international or local Florida rums.  The “Longboard Flight” has local craft brews.


But the Hang Ten Tiki Bar doesn’t just sell drinks; they will soon offer food, too.  They will be serving New Island light bites.  This includes a Tiki Man soft pretzel, local gulf smoked fish dip with pineapple relish, and empanadas.

Adventure Island Discount Tickets

So after all this talk, I know you are dying to go to Adventure Island.  And you can go – without having to even pay full price for your ticket!  Click here to find out how to get greatly discounted tickets for Adventure Island.