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Uncover the dark and sinister secrets that lurk in the shadows of Myrtle Beach.  Visitors who have fun in the bright sun of the day feel chills walking the same paths in the dark of night.

You’ll meet your professional guide at Myrtle Beach’s iconic Peaches Corner diner.  This is where Lilian “Peach” Justice continues to check on customers from the great beyond.

Your knowledgeable guide will take you back in time with fascinating stories of shipwrecks, hurricanes, mayhem and monsters.

The Gray Man

You’ll hear about the Gray Man whose legend dates back to 1822.  He’s a gray figure in a cloak who roams the beach ahead of major storms.

There are variations on the legend but the most popular version is that of a love story.  The man was on his way to propose to his love when he was killed in a storm.  He roams the beach on the day before a storm hits to warn people to leave.

A woman claimed to have seen the Gray Man in 1954 just before Hurricane Hazel hit Myrtle Beach.  Another sighting happened in 1989 before Hurricane Hugo devastated Myrtle Beach.  The most recent sighting of the Gray Man was prior to Hurricane Florence in 2018.    

Boo Hags

You’ll learn about boo hags which many people in the Low Country believe are evil spirits that use voodoo or witchcraft to manipulate people and steal their energy.

Plyler Park is a beautiful place and one of the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk’s most popular attractions.  Many believe that when darkness falls, Plyler Park becomes a playground for boo hags.  These undead creatures exist in the shadows and survive by stealing unsuspecting people’s breath.  They are believed to follow their victims out of the park.  When the victim falls asleep, they sit on their chest, sucking the life out of them.

The Headless Sentry

During the Revolutionary War, General Francis Marion freed his imprisoned soldiers by beheading the sentry guarding them.

Today, a headless apparition can be seen walking on the beach.  He’s dressed in a dated British uniform and appears to be looking for his head.  When approached, he disappears.


You’ll hear stories of America’s most feared and hated pirate, Blackbeard, and his murderous crew.  They spread terror throughout the Southeastern coast for many years.  He was finally captured and executed for his crimes.  It’s believed that his grave lies along the shore.  His spirit has been seen many times walking along the beach. 

Nightmare Haunted House

Nightmare Haunted House is a place of generated scares.  However, many people believe it’s also the home of the undead who can hide in plain sight there.   Customers have reported seeing apparitions out of the corners of their eyes.  Both staff and visitors have reported seeing people who then vanish before their eyes.

Raw Head & Bloody Bones

Your guide will tell you about Raw Head & Bloody Bones.  Like the boo hags, this prowler has been known to follow victims home.  And you’ll hear about the 7 foot tall Lizard Man.

You’ll hear tales of murder, betrayal, drownings, suicide, storms, heartbreaks, shipwrecks and floods.  You’ll hear about unexplained encounters on the beach.

If you feel a chill creeping up the back of your neck, it may not be just the breeze off the water.


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