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One of the oldest neighborhoods in America, the French Quarter is enchanting and beautiful by day.  After the sun goes down is the perfect time to explore the darker side of New Orleans,

The New Orleans Voodoo, Mystery & Paranormal Tour will examine paranormal activity, voodoo and mysteries as well as discussing some of the urban legends.

New Orleans is considered by many to be the most haunted city in America.  See sites of deaths, tragedies and reported supernatural activity with a professional guide and paranormal investigation equipment.  EMF stands for electromagnetic fields and that’s what an EMF meter will detect, indicating paranormal activity.  You’ll be shown how to use the meter and when to use it.  You’ll be in a place with reported paranormal activity and you’ll have the equipment to capture evidence of this activity.

Haunted Places

You’ll see the most notoriously haunted house in New Orleans, the Lalaurie Mansion.  The owner is known as the “Mistress of Death.”  She starved, tortured and murdered slaves.  It is believed that the spirits haunting the mansion are those of the slaves.

You’ll see the Sultan’s Palace, a one of a kind building.  Legend has it that a mass murder took place there and at least one of the victims never left the house.

Voodoo is as much a part of the Big Easy as gumbo and Mardi Gras.  You’ll hear how voodoo found its way to New Orleans.  Learn about the Voodoo Queen, Marie Laveau, and how her healing powers were so great that people still come here to ask for her help over a century after she died.  Hear about the rituals, amulets, voodoo dolls and much more.  

Your tour will make stops along the way and you’ll have a chance to get a drink (own purchase) if you prefer.

You’ll visit the Old Ursuline Convent and hear how the convent is said to be vampires’ first stop in New Orleans.  You can’t go far in the French Quarter without passing a site infamous for its vampire lore.

You’ll see locations of unsolved murders and suicides.  Your guide will tell you about New Orleans funerals and burial procedures.  You’ll stop at many of the National Historic Landmarks along your route.


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