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Take a lantern led walk through the historic streets of McDonough, Georgia.  Take a stroll around one of the most haunted town squares in the United States on the Southern Ghost Tour.

The Camp Creek Train Wreck of 1900 was a terrible railroad disaster that happened just outside McDonough, Georgia.  The northbound Southern Railway Train hit a washout and plunged 60 feet into the creek below before bursting into flames.  35 of the 45 people on the train were killed.  This was one of the deadliest train crashes in American history.

The bodies were brought to McDonough and were laid out on and around the town square until the families could come to identify their loved ones.  And the town has never been the same.

After the train wreck, locals began reporting seeing spirits in the old buildings around the square.  That and more have continued.  McDonough was featured on an episode of “Haunted Towns.”

Bow Tie Chef is in a building around the square.  In 1900, the ground floor of the building held a bank and the top floor was the town’s mortuary.  Many believe a number of the former occupants never left.

The staff at Bow Tie Chef have reported a number of strange things happening.  Doors open and close when no one is near them.  One door locks on its own.

The staff has heard footsteps on the stairs and voices coming from the stairwell when no one is there.  Customers have reported seeing the shadow of a woman in the restroom.  

The owner doesn’t want to believe but admits he sometimes gets the eerie feeling he is not alone.

Office Group is located across the street from the town square.  Employees feel touches that come from nowhere.  The door bell rings, people hear a key trying to unlock the door and knocking at the back door and there’s no one there.  

Your guide can tell you about Ruth, the lady in white and a spectral dog the locals call Angus.  

You’ll see the Dickson House and hear about the strange happenings there.  And your guide will tell you about the spooky looking doll named Claire.

So for an evening of thrills and chills, take the Southern Ghost Tour.  They’re just dying to show you around!


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McDonough, Georgia, is within 24 miles of Decatur, College Park, Covington, Conyers and Griffin.  McDonough is 25 miles from Atlanta and 50 miles from Marietta.