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Animals at Gatorland Orlando Florida

The Alligator Capital of the World is Gatorland in Orlando, Florida. They have alligators and crocodiles in all sizes, from babies to 14 foot monsters.

Over a hundred alligators live in the Breeding Marsh. It has a 2,000 foot boardwalk that cuts through the Florida wetlands. Gatorland has been Florida’s leader in alligator safety and education since 1949.

The White Alligator Swamp has the largest collection of extremely rare Albino and Leucistic Alligators in the United States. See Leucistic brothers Feros Zonbi and Trezo je, 2 of only 12 Leucistic Alligators in the world now. And meet Albino Alligators, Cottontail, Moonshine and Pearl. These ivory colored Alligators have blue eyes, are about 12 feet long and weigh over 800 pounds. These are some of the rarest animals in the world.

Visit Jungle Crocodiles of the World and see Nile, Cuban and Saltwater Crocodiles. Crocodiles have lighter skin and a pointed snout. Alligators are darker and have a large rounded nose.

See snakes, scorpions and toads in the Gatorland Mile Of Monsters! In Central Florida, venomous snakes include the Eastern Coral Snake, the Florida Cottonmouth (aka Water Moccasin), the Dusky Pygmy Rattlesnake and the Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake. See them all at Gatorland!

Gatorland also has Wild Cats. Meet Neiko and Lucy. They are a cross between the rare and endangered Florida Panther and a Texas Cougar. Visit Bobcat Bayou and see Osceola, Abiaka,
Jabari and Lomasi.

Tortoises are an important part of Florida history and ongoing animal education at Gatorland. You can meet and interact with them at tortoise feeding times.

You can see lovely Flamingos wading at Flamingo Island. You’ll also see big white birds with long beaks that are Wood Storks. At the Parrot Playground, you can talk to the Amazon Parrot, Cockatoos and Blue and Gold Macaws. They might even talk back.

Their free flight Very Merry Aviary lets you mingle with hundreds of budgerigars. You can feed them with a birdseed stick in your hand and some might even perch on your shoulders. See emus at the Emu Encounter.

Gatorland Shows

Shows at Gatorland include

  • GatorJumparoo Show – Learn more about alligators and crocodiles and their strength and powers. See large alligators jump 4 or more feet out of the water in this fun show.
  • Alligators: Legends of the Swamp – Watch as a brave daredevil poses an 8 foot alligator to demonstrate its survival skills.
  • Up Close Encounters – Befriend creatures from around the world including dangerous snakes. You just never know what kind of creature you might meet.

Screamin’ Gator Zip Line Coupon

Gatorland’s Screamin’ Gator Zip Line was voted “Best Zip Line in the USA” by AOL Travel. The zip lines stand over 7 stories tall. Cross a swinging bridge over the park’s main walkway. Fly 1,200 feet high at 30 mph over alligators and crocodiles. There are lots of zip lines in lots of places but where else can you zip line over crocodiles and alligators?

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Night Shine Promo Code

When the sun goes down, the swamp comes alive. Make your way down the wooden walkway in the Alligator Breeding Marsh in Gatorland. You’ll be given insect repellent, a flashlight and food for the alligators. Turn your flashlight toward the water and you’ll see hundreds of glowing red eyes moving closer. It’s feeding time!

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Save on Gatorland Tickets

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