A picture of the Caesar salad with popcorn shrimp which we ordered at Dockside Seafood in Savannah, Georgia0

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My family and I love traveling to Savannah, Georgia.  It’s such a beautiful city and there are so many fun things to do there.

But perhaps our favorite part of Savannah is River Street.  I love walking along River Street and enjoying the beautiful views of the water.  It’s why we love staying in hotels that are on River Street or are an easy walk from River Street, like Hilton Savannah Historic District/Riverfront.

And I really love the restaurants there.  My family was in Savannah recently and we tried a new one, Dockside Seafood.  We loved it so much we wanted to tell you guys about it.

Dockside Seafood History

Dockside Seafood has a really cool history.  This building was actually built all the way back in 1792 by Captain William Taylor.  And if you think it is rare to do that in Georgia, then you would be right.  It is in fact the oldest existing ballast stone and masonry building in all of Georgia.  You literally get to sit among the building’s original support posts, beams, joists, and stone walls.

Being able to eat in a place that has an interesting history is definitely a plus for me.  It makes a meal that much more special.

Dockside Seafood Locale & Atmosphere

The restaurant has a really great atmosphere.  Part of that achieved is the decor of the restaurant.  I like the nautical, sealife, and lighthouse theming throughout the restaurant.

I love the beautiful interior of Dockside Seafood Restaurant on River Street in Savannah, GA

The restaurant has a bar, too, which not only is great if you want to get a drink, but also adds to the overall casual atmosphere of the restaurant.

A picture of the bar at Dockside Seafood on River Street in Savannah, GA

There are multiple TVs playing and just in general a happy atmosphere inside.

But you don’t have to eat inside.  There is also seating outdoors.

There is outdoor seating available at Dockside Seafood Restaurant on River Street in Savannah, GA

If you sit outdoors, you get a wonderful water view.  We sat inside but sitting outside definitely has its perks, too.

Service was good and the food arrived pretty quickly.

Food Review

But all of this wouldn’t really matter if the food wasn’t great, right?  But luckily, that was not the case here.

I had the Georgia Fantail Shrimp.

A picture of the Georgia Fantail Shrimp a menu entree at Dockside Seafood in Savannah, Georgia

I thought it was delicious!  I also really liked that it comes with hush puppies (these were delicious, too).  The French Fries were good as well.

Another dish we got was the Crumb-Fried Select Oysters.

A picture of the Crumb-Fried Select Oysters a menu item at Dockside Seafood a restaurant in Historic Savannah Riverfront

The oysters were delicious!  They were perfectly cooked.

As a side for this meal, we chose the Savannah Red Rice.  Unfortunately, this was our least favorite menu item.  Other than being hot (spice-wise) we did not find it very flavorful.

Another great dish we got was the Classic Caesar Salad.  We added the Fried Popcorn Shrimp to the salad.

A picture of the Caesar salad with popcorn shrimp which we ordered at Dockside Seafood in Savannah, Georgia0

I thought the popcorn shrimp would be smaller and more in line with what I think of as popcorn shrimp. It tasted great, though, and went well with the Caesar salad dressing. The shrimp was a little spicy but only slightly. Many of the croutons were soft, which was great.

Oh, and the wine was great, too.

A picture of the Pinot Grigio my family ordered at Dockside Seafood Restaurant in Savannah, Georgia

We particularly liked the Pinot Grigio.


Dockside Seafood Restaurant is a wonderful choice if you are visiting Savannah’s Waterfront.  They serve delicious seafood (and alcoholic beverages!) in an upbeat, casual atmosphere.  And it is even in a historic building to boot.  So we definitely recommend eating here if you are in Savannah on vacation!