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If you are looking for a fun place to enjoy and experience art, then you need to head Fairgrounds St. Pete.

Fairgrounds St. Pete is a museum of Immersive Art and Technology. Its name was inspired by traditional fairgrounds and how they have been the place to show off creativity, innovation, and new ideas, whether it was at a county fair, state fair, or world fair.

It has works from Florida but all over the world as well.  Fairgrounds St. Pete features work by creators from a large number of mediums.  And they tell a great story.  Fairgrounds St. Pete’s immersive art and technology exhibits are inspired by original Florida stories.  Fairgrounds St. Pete strives to be a place where people can be inspired and happy.

Participating Artists

Participating artists include:

  • Adam Hutz (otherwise known as “Overgrown”)
  • Laura Spencer (otherwise known as “Miss Crit”)
  • Amanda LaForest (otherwise known as “The Peach Moon”)
  • Tya Lewis (otherwise known as “Iona Parris”)
  • Brandy Stark (otherwise known as “B. Stark Art”)
  • Joshua Hall (otherwise known as “Baghead”)
  • Adela Salas (otherwise known as “A D E L A”)
  • Joey Fillastre (otherwise known as “MILAGROS Collective”)
  • Dana Kleinman (otherwise known as “KX2”)
  • Jaurice Moore (otherwise known as “INDIE REECE”)
  • Macy Higgins (otherwise known as “Macy Eats Paint”)
  • Ruth Avra (otherwise known as “KX2”)
  • Barrak Darweesh (otherwise known as “Overgrown”)
  • Felici Asteinza (otherwise known as “MILAGROS Collective”)
  • Kayla Boronell (otherwise known as “Kayla Moon”)
  • Chris Parks (otherwise known as “Palehorse”)
  • Nick Davis (otherwise known as “NDArtLife”)
  • Jabari Reed-Diop (otherwise known as “iBOMS”)
  • Thaddeus Erdahl (otherwise known as “TJ”)
  • Aleisha Nicole Prather
  • Nathan Beard
  • Alex Kaufman
  • Ashley Cantero
  • Ari Robinson
  • Carlton Ward Jr
  • Babs Reingold
  • Matthew Campbell
  • Bec Conrad
  • Calan Ree
  • Cecilia Lueza
  • Eileen Goldenberg
  • Chad Jacobs
  • Eric Folsom
  • Chad Mize
  • Danielle DeGuglimo
  • Eddie Lohmeyer
  • Elizabeth Barenis
  • George Retkes
  • Emiliano Settecasi
  • Fernando Diaz
  • Finn Schult
  • Francesco Lo Castro
  • Hiromi Moneyhun
  • Jane Bunker
  • Jeff Whipple
  • Maxwell Parker
  • John Gascot
  • Jonathan Schork
  • Mike Hicks
  • Jordie Poncy
  • Judy Vienneau
  • Shane Carey
  • Justin Tyler Tate
  • Liz Schulze
  • Lynn Doyal
  • Mark Mitchell
  • Neil Mendoza
  • Sabrina Verhage
  • Samantha Burns
  • Sam Ehrnman
  • Saumitra Chandratreya
  • Savannah Magnolia
  • Shay Willard
  • Tess Oldfield
  • Zulu Painter
  • Paul LeRoy Gheres


Fairgrounds St. Pete is located in the Warehouse Arts District in the heart of St. Petersburg, Florida.  It is located along the Pinellas Bike Trail just five minutes from Downtown St. Pete and Tropicana Field.

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