A picture of the flounder, oysters, and shrimp you can order at Gilligan's Seafood in Beaufort, South Carolina

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I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve been talking a lot about Beaufort, South Carolina recently.  I recently reviewed Luther’s Rare and Well Done, a great restaurant in Historic Downtown Beaufort.

But you don’t have to be in Historic Downtown Beaufort to find a great Beaufort restaurant.  In fact, there’s a restaurant my family discovered on a recent trip to Beaufort we really liked that’s not in Historic Downtown Beaufort.  And that restaurant is Gilligan’s Seafood Restaurant.

A picture of Gilligan's Seafood Restaurant a Beaufort dining establishment convenient to a lot of hotels on Boundary Street

One reason why it was appealing for my family was its location on Boundary Street.  This made it really convenient for a lot of hotels that are situated near it including the hotel we were staying at, Springhill Suites.  It was just a five-minute drive from our hotel.  It is even more convenient for other hotels.  For example, it is just three minutes from Hampton Inn Beaufort and two minutes from Country Inn & Suites Beaufort and Sleep Inn Beaufort.  So after a fun day on the water, it’s a great restaurant to go to at night before retiring for the day at your hotel.

Gilligan’s Seafood Restaurant has a fun maritime theme that is fitting for not only a seafood restaurant but a restaurant that is in Beaufort.  The walls are all painted around the restaurant with different sea creatures and other things associated with the coast like palm trees.

A picture of the lobby at Gilligan's Seafood Restaurant in Beaufort, South Carolina

I love the sea life and ocean pictures on the walls at Gilligan's Seafood Restaurant in Beaufort, SC

The overall atmosphere is very laid-back and fun.  I also love the tiki bar feel of the bar at the restaurant.

I love the tiki bar feel of the bar area of Gilligan's Seafood in Beaufort, SC

That is a perfect addition to the restaurant.  And while the tiki bar is very much for adults, the restaurant itself is great for kids, too.  The fun theming is very appealing to children.

And the views are great, too.  We got incredible views of the marsh from our table.

A beautiful views of the marsh and sunset at Gilligan's Seafood Restaurant in Beaufort, SC

The marsh along with the sunset was an incredible sight.  It reminded me of views at Disney’s Hilton Head Resort.  The views definitely added to a great experience.

Food Review

But all of this wouldn’t matter if the food wasn’t good, right?  But it is.  First of all, the meal is great right from the beginning.  Because they bring out hush puppies before you even start your meal.  Any restaurant that brings out hush puppies to start your meal already gets high marks in my book.

But as you would hope with seafood, the seafood is really good, too.  And if you love seafood, consider getting the Fried Seafood Platter.

A picture of the flounder, oysters, and shrimp you can order at Gilligan's Seafood in Beaufort, South Carolina

The Fried Seafood Platter includes Fried Shrimp, Oysters, and Flounder.  They are all good, so you should enjoy it.  But come with an appetite…they (thankfully) don’t scrimp on the portion size.  Otherwise, come prepared to bring the rest home with a to-go box!

Another entree we enjoyed here was the Popcorn Shrimp.

A picture of the popcorn shrimp you can order at Gilligan's Seafood Restaurant in Beaufort, SC

Not all restaurants offer popcorn shrimp so I was glad they have it.  And the popcorn shrimp was really good, too.  Some of the best I’ve had.


Gilligan’s Seafood Restaurant is a great choice if you are vacationing in Beaufort, SC.  It has a fun atmosphere that’s great for adults and children, wonderful marsh views, delicious food, and is conveniently located on Boundary Street near hotels.