My family loved the steak at Harris Steak & Seafood by Holiday Inn in Brunswick, GA

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Whenever my family travels, we love to try new restaurants.  And when we find a special restaurant, we can’t wait to tell you about it.

And that’s exactly what happened the last time we were in Brunswick, Georgia.  That special restaurant is Harris Steak and Seafood.


I noticed this restaurant when we were driving up to our hotel.  The name caught my eye, as everyone in my family either loves seafood or steak.

It also caught my eye because I realized how close it was to my hotel.  One of the best parts about this restaurant is how convenient it is to a cluster of hotels.  It is actually connected to a hotel, Holiday Inn Brunswick I-95 (Exit 38).  You can click here to book it at a great rate.

The restaurant is also a very short walk from a lot of hotels.  This included the hotel I was staying at, Comfort Suites Golden Isles Gateway.  We reviewed the hotel here.

It is also within walking distance of:

Restaurant Wait Time

We came on a Saturday night, so we had about a forty-minute wait.  Luckily, because we were staying at Comfort Suites, we could go back to our room.  We spend a lot of that time in the room.  Then, when it got closer to forty minutes, we went back to the restaurant.  They texted us when the table was ready.

If you aren’t staying in a nearby hotel, they do have a bar you can go to while you wait.

Harris Steak and Seafood restaurant has a great bar

They not only serve drinks but there are also TVs playing so you could catch a game you want to see.

Additionally, there are benches outside the restaurant you can sit in while you wait.

Restaurant Decor/Atmosphere

I really liked the overall feel of the restaurant.  That starts with the great decor up at the restaurant.  I really loved the pictures of the Golden Isles of Georgia.  It was really fitting for a restaurant in Brunswick.

Harris Steak & Seafood Restaurant in Brunswick, Georgia has great Golden Isles photos up

Harris Steak & Seafood in Brunswick, Georgia has great local photography up as part of the restaurant's decor and atmosphere

The restaurant had a nice, laid-back atmosphere that made for a relaxing evening.  The service was really good, too.  They also have very spacious booths, which I like.


Because we could walk to the hotel from our hotel, we were able to order alcoholic beverages without having to worry about a designated driver or getting an Uber or Lyft.  So my table ordered wine and beer.  The Pinot Grigio was excellent.  The Michelob Ultra was good, too.

Harris Seafood & Steak in Brunswick, GA is connected to a Holiday Inn & within walking distance of other hotels, so you can order wine & beer & not have to worry about getting a designated driver


But ultimately, you judge your experience at a restaurant by the food, right?  And I am happy to report the food was delicious!

Let me tell you about a few of the main dishes.

The Filet Mignon was delicious!

My family loved the steak at Harris Steak & Seafood by Holiday Inn in Brunswick, GA

The Fried Catfish is a South Georgia catfish dipped in a cornmeal batter and deep-fried golden brown.  It was delicious!

We loved our catfish with a baked potato and asparagus we got from Harris Steak & Seafood in Brunswick, GA

The Patty Melt is a half-pound burger with caramelized onions and melted swiss cheese on grilled sourdough bread.

We liked the patty melt but didn't like the fries as much at Harris Steak & Seafood in Brunswick, GA

The bread was actually the best part.  It was really delicious.  It was sourdough bread that was really soft, almost a bit like Texas toast.  Now, when I say best part, let me be clear there was no bad part of the sandwich.  It was all great.  But the sourdough bread was just the best part.

I had ordered the beer-battered cod.

I loved the fish and chips menu option at Harris Steak and Seafood in Brunswick, Georgia

It was actually one of the specials that day.  And it was delicious!  The fish was really sweet.  You could really taste the beer flavor.  I really liked it.

With the fish and steak, you could order two sides.  The asparagus was a big hit.  It was especially good.  The baked potato was good, too.

The mashed potatoes were actually red potatoes.  This side dish had mixed results from my table, ranging from okay to good.

The steak fries, unfortunately, were probably our least favorite side.  They were a bit harder than what I normally think of as steak fries.  I think they were a bit overcooked.  They were not my favorite fries.

The side salad was also good.

The side salad at Harris Steak & Seafood had really good portions

The portions were really good.  It was almost like a meal unto itself!


Harris Steak & Seafood is a really great restaurant conveniently located in Brunswick, especially if you are staying at a nearby hotel like Comfort Suites.  It has a great, laid-back, coastal atmosphere.  And more importantly, it serves delicious food, wine, and beer.  So if you are traveling to Brunswick, I highly recommend Harris Steak & Seafood!