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Do you want to see towering trees from 36 million years ago? We’re talking truly gigantic trees, with trunks 12 feet wide across and heights of 100 feet. You could go back in time to see these impressive trees. Or you could visit the Mississippi Petrified Forest!

You see, thanks to an ancient river, these trees were transported halfway across our continent. That’s how they ended up in a logjam in Mississippi. There, they (very slowly) became petrified, or turned to stone. And you can see these petrified logs at the Mississippi Petrified Forest.

We’re going to go over what you’ll find at the forest, located in Flora, Mississippi. And then we’ll share how you can save money with a promo code!

Nature Trail

A self-guided walk on the 6 block nature trail will reveal so much natural beauty. You’ll also be close to the huge petrified logs that lie next to the trail. You can view these enormous stone logs that were once living trees. Some are even close enough to touch!

And if you want more information about the sights along the trail, make sure to stop and read the Trail Guide located at each point of interest.


At the Earth Science Museum, you’ll be able to see a large map with examples of petrified wood from every state and even from other countries. You’ll also see examples of plant life through the ages. And don’t forget to check out the fossils on display. This includes whale bones, turtle shells, dinosaur footprints, and even a complete cast of a prehistoric camel.

Gem Mining Flume

Have you ever tried fluming? You’ll start with a bag of “mine muck,” i.e. rocks out of the mines. You’ll wash and screen it. And if you find any real gems? You can keep what you find! Please note that there is an additional cost for a flume bag ($4.00 plus tax), which can be purchased in the gift shop.

Gift Shop

In addition to flume bags, you can find fantastic souvenirs at the gift shop. This includes petrified wood souvenirs as well as unique gem and mineral items from around the world. There’s even handmade gemstone jewelry available.

Promo Code

Want a way to save money at the Mississippi Petrified Forest?

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There are a couple of discounts available, actually:

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