Monkey's Uncle Tavern in Jacksonville has great salads like this cobb salad with avocado, eggs, bacon, blue cheese, and more

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This past week, my family enjoyed a wonderful vacation in Jacksonville Beach.  We were staying at the Fairfield Inn Jacksonville Beach.  This is a really great hotel to stay in if you are visiting the Jacksonville beaches.  It is just across the street from the beach so it is a really short walk.  But since it is not directly on the beach, the prices are lower.  You can get a great price for the hotel by clicking here.

But aside from the price, another great thing about the hotel is how close it is to a lot of great restaurants.  When we drove into Jacksonville Beach and we were looking for the hotel, I noticed a restaurant called the Monkey’s Uncle Tavern.  This intrigued me, so we picked this restaurant for our first night.  And we were really glad we did!

So let me tell you first about the restaurant.  It’s been a staple of Jacksonville Beach for over thirty years.  And they give travelers a lot more than just a restaurant.

Monkey’s Uncle Tavern Events

They have a lot of great special events.  There are Bingo Nights on Monday nights at 9:00  p.m.  You and your family and friends can have fun on Trivia Night on Tuesday nights.  The highest-scoring team even gets prizes.  Tuesdays at Monkey’s Uncle Tavern are also great when DJ Miami comes for “All Request Tuesday”.

If you love listening to music, you’ll love visiting on Thursdays and Fridays.  That’s when the area’s best local bands perform live 9:30 p.m. until closing time.  They also have “Island Music Sundays” from 4:00 pm to 8:00 p.m. every Sunday.  And you’ll love Karaoke Night at Monkey’s Uncle Tavern!  They’ve received awards from Folio Weekly Magazine for Best Karaoke Night in Jax.

Monkey's Uncle Tavern has great live music like Island Night and local Jax bands

There are other fun things you can do at the restaurant with your family and friends besides eating, drinking, and the events.  You can play pool, darts, video games or enjoy what’s playing on all of their TVs.  We watched some qualifying events for the Olympics while we ate.

Watch baseball & other sports or play pool while you're not eating or drinking at Monkey's Uncle Tavern in Jacksonville

Pool and darts are in one of the rooms at Monkey's Uncle Tavern near the beach in Jax

Arcade games are a great attraction at Monkey's Uncle Tavern in Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Monkey’s Uncle Tavern Food Review

But ultimately, we choose restaurants for the food, right?  Well, the food alone is definitely a reason to choose Monkey’s Uncle Tavern!  First of all, they have a wonderful menu full of so many dishes we wanted to try.  My mom commented that we could eat here every night of our vacation and have a completely different dish and be happy.  The biggest problem we had all night was narrowing down our choices!

But we were glad with the entrees we did pick.  Let me highlight three great entree items you can get at Monkey’s Uncle Tavern.

Cobb Salad

Monkey's Uncle Tavern in Jacksonville has great salads like this cobb salad with avocado, eggs, bacon, blue cheese, and more

I debated about ordering seafood because we were on the beach.  But the Cobb Salad looked too good for me to pass up.  I really love Cobb Salads with avocado, egg, bacon, and blue cheese crumbles.  I love the combination of those four foods so much.  This was a really great salad and I really loved it.

Chef’s Salad

Monkey's Uncle in Jacksonville Beach, Florida has great menu items like this chef's salad

My sister had the Chef’s Salad and she loved it.  The food was great together and the croutons were really soft.  This is another menu item we definitely recommend here.

Traditional Patty Melt

Monkey's Uncle Tavern in Jacksonville Beach, Florida has great food like this patty melt & garlic mashed potatoes

My mother had the Traditional Patty Melt along with the garlic mashed potatoes.  She said all of it (the burger, potatoes, etc.) was so delicious.


The Monkey’s Uncle Tavern in Jacksonville Beach, Florida is a wonderful choice for a restaurant to go to during a beach vacation.  There are a lot of fun things to do at the restaurant, liked themed nights, pool, and more.  But the main reason to visit is the delicious food.  We know everyone in your family will be able to find something on the menu they will like.  So next time you are traveling to Jacksonville Beach, make sure you get a meal at the Monkey’s Uncle Tavern!