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Have you ever visited South Carolina’s largest water park?

Myrtle Waves Water Park first opened back in the summer of 1985. Since then, it’s been a fantastic place to visit if you want to stay cool, experience thrilling slides, or just enjoy some family-friendly fun.

We’re going to take a look at some of the fun things to do at the waterpark. And then we’re going to see how you can get coupons for Myrtle Waves Water Park to save you money on your visit.

Water Slides

Riptide Rockets

Minimum Height: 42″

On this body speed slide for single riders, you ride down an open flume and land in the catch pool.

Super Chute

Minimum Height: 42″
Note: Lifejackets recommended. Weak or non-swimmers should not ride.

This is another exciting body slide for single riders. You’ll slide down an enclosed tube that’s 20 feet long. Then, you’ll experience a 4-foot vertical drop into 8 feet of water.

Turbo Twisters

Minimum Height: 42″

If you’re afraid of the dark, you may want to avoid this high-intensity body speed slide. Turbo Twisters consists of 3 completely enclosed dark slides. You’ll travel down the spiraling slide at speeds of 50 feet per second.

Thunderbolt Speed Slides

Minimum Height: 42″

Slide down these two fun parallel body speed slides and land in a 3-foot catch pool.

Tube Slides

Arooba Tooba

Minimum Height: 42″

First, you’ll ride down an enclosed flume. Then, you’ll be shot out into a large bowl-funnel, where you’ll whirl and swirl around. Finally, you’ll splash through the center drop. Each time down this fun tube slide is always different, which makes it a great ride to do again and again.

Night Flight

Minimum Height: 42″

Night Flight is a high thrill tube slide for single riders only. As the name suggests, you’ll be riding in the dark inside an enclosed slide before splashing down into the pool below.

The Rockin’ Ray

Minimum Height: 48″
Note: Must have two riders. Combined weight must be less than 400 lb.

On this exciting slide, double tube riders will ride down a half-pipe slide and then land in the catch pool.

Snake Mountain

Minimum Height: 42″

Ride one of three snake-like inner tube slides:

  • The King Cobra
  • The Python
  • Water Moccasin

Flow Rider


Minimum Height: 42″ to boogie board

Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like to ride a wave? Now’s your chance to try it out without actually going into the ocean! You can also book the Tsunami in advance for private parties or group events.

Note that this experience does require an additional $10.

Family Attractions

Lazy River

Minimum Height: 36″ (otherwise, must be accompanied by supervising companion)

Relax as the gentle current of this lazy river carries you along.

Racin’ River

Minimum Height: 42″ (otherwise, must be accompanied by supervising companion)

Looking for something a little more exciting? The water in this 250-foot river moves more swiftly (about 10 miles per hour). Skimmer boards are provided to riders.

Ocean in Motion Wave Pool

Minimum Height: None (all guests can enjoy!)
Note: Lifejackets recommended for anyone who is not a strong swimmer.

Have fun in South Carolina’s largest wave pool! The water in the pool ranges from 0 to 6 feet deep.

Play Areas for Kids

Saturation Station

Minimum Height: None (all guests can enjoy!)

This interactive play area was designed with the park’s smaller guests in mind. 3 open body slides and a water bucket make for a very fun experience.

Bubble Bay

Maximum Height: 45”

This toddler play area is for smaller children only. There are many fun things to do in this 7,000 square foot shallow pool (with depths from 6 to 18 inches).

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