Our favorite burger at Plums Restaurant in Beaufort, South Carolina was the caramelized onion & blue cheese burger

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This week, the Water Festival in Beaufort, South Carolina begins (which you can read about in our Water Festival Guide).  Since this takes place at Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park, I thought now would be a good time to talk about another restaurant my family likes in the Waterfront area.  And that restaurant is Plums!

Plum’s is a Beaufort restaurant like Luther’s which we reviewed here where you can enter from its storefront in historic downtown Beaufort.

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Or you can enter from the waterfront area.  Like Luther’s, Plum’s has a great patio area where you can eat your food and enjoy the views.

Get great views of the water when you eat outdoors at Plums in Beaufort, South Carolina

Get water views from the waterfront patio at Plums Restaurant, a Beaufort SC restaurant my family recommends

But like a lot of waterfront dining, it can be hard to get a table on the patio.  Actually, it can be hard to get a table anywhere in the restaurant.  It was quite popular the last time we were there and it was a Monday.  Luckily, we got there early so we had no wait.  So if you want to come here for lunch, make sure you get there before noon.  After noon, there was a long line of people looking to get a table.

And by the way, if you do eat inside, you’ll enjoy it, too.  They have a great casual atmosphere with many TVs.  They also have great decor all over the restaurant.  And they have a great bar inside, too.

Plums Restaurant in Beaufort, South Carolina has a great bar inside

A picture of the indoor seating at Plums Restaurant in Beaufort, South Carolina

I love the positive happy atmosphere at Plums Restaurant in Beaufort, South Carolina

Oh, and one more big advantage to eating inside: the air conditioning!

Food Review

Once you eat here, though, you’ll understand.  They have a great menu with a wide selection.  Our favorites are the burger.  I like the Bacon and Swiss Burger.

A picture of the swiss bacon burger at Plums Restaurant in Beaufort, SC

One note about the Bacon and Swiss Burger: the burger is not listed as having onions, but when they brought it out there were onions.  I pointed it out and to their credit, they brought me a new burger without onions.  They even made sure to get me my French Fries before the burger was ready so I had something to eat.  And they were apologetic, which I appreciate since sadly that does not always happen.  So it actually ended up making my experience better.

Especially since that burger was quite good.  Of course, the burger was a bit burnt (which I actually liked – I had asked for well done, after all) and the bacon was burnt as well.  That I did not like as much since it was a bit hard.  But overall, it was a delicious burger and filling which I liked.

The best burger though would have to be the Blue Cheese & Caramelized Onion Burger.

Our favorite burger at Plums Restaurant in Beaufort, South Carolina was the caramelized onion & blue cheese burger

It was so good!  The blue cheese was almost more like a sauce and the cheese was distributed really well all over the burger.  They were not shy with the caramelized onions which was great since that does not always happen at restaurants.  Though we would have preferred the onions to be a bit more evenly spread out, though once again, this is a relatively minor complaint.  This meat was good, too.  Someone at my table even called it the best burger they had ever had!

The sandwiches are good here, too.  Our favorite is the Plums BLT.

Our favorite sandwich at Plums Restaurant in Beaufort, South Carolina is the BLT

It comes with chips which were good, too.

Plums has a great menu with lots of other options, too, but we stuck with trying the sandwiches and burgers.


So if you are looking for a great burger or sandwich in historic downtown Beaufort, we highly recommend Plums Restaurant.  They have great burgers and sandwiches in a casual, pleasant great atmosphere whether you are eating inside or eating on the patio where you get water views.  If you are looking for a good place to grab a good meal in historic downtown Beaufort, then Plums is a great choice.

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