Discounted group admission to Orlando Escape Game on International Drive

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When I first went to Universal Studios Florida in Orlando as a kid, I remember one of the things they advertised was that you could ride the movies.  And to a degree, that is true.  There are rides like E.T. that make you feel you entered the ride.

But Universal Studios is not the only place in Orlando where you can feel like you’ve entered the movies.  Another way is at The Escape Game.  The Escape Game has multiple escape rooms with movie-like plotlines.

Escape Rooms

Mission: Mars

The good news?  You’ve just landed on Mars for an exploratory mission.  The bad news?  Your spacecraft experienced major damage on the descent.  And to make matters worse, a huge – and fatal – amount of cosmic radiation is heading towards Mars.  This will cause serious damage to the control systems thus making it impossible to get back home.  So that means you have just sixty minutes to repair your ship and launch if you ever want to go home again.

The Depths

There are rumors of an undersea laboratory.  Videos have now surfaced from it, showing troubling and strange experiments.  Now Dr. Leah will lead you and your team into the depths of the ocean to uncover what really happened there.  But fair warning: you are not alone in the waters…

Gold Rush

Clyde Hamilton was one of Northern California’s most well-known gamblers.  He hid his huge fortune so he wouldn’t have to pay for his losing bets.  There have been lots of rumors about the location of this treasure.  Many groups are trying to find it in the hopes of becoming incredibly rich.  So now it is up to you and your friends to find where the treasure is located before other groups claim the fame and enormous fortune first!

The Heist

A unique piece of art has been stolen from the local art gallery…and you are one of the suspects!  Your only choice is, of course, not to get a good lawyer, but instead, catch the robber in the act and return the piece of artwork.  This could make you a hero…or a common criminal!  So you want to make sure it is the former and not the latter.

Prison Break

The setting?  A cell in an unknown prison in 1955.  The situation?  An inmate was being held here before his sudden disappearance.  What happened to him?  Will all prisoners kept here share the same fate as him?  Or can you find a way to escape?

Special Ops: Mysterious Market

You think you and your team are participating in a routine assignment.  A routine assignment, that is, for field agents on a secret mission.  But this secret mission has a twist.


You’re about graduate from school and enjoy a great summer!  The problem?  You haven’t finished your assignments yet.  And these assignments are not like anything you’ve ever encountered in a classroom before.  So you and your group needs to band together to finish your assignments so that you can graduate.

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Please note this discount is only available for the following escape rooms:

  • Prison Break
  • Mission: Mars
  • Gold Rush
  • The Heist
  • Special Ops: Mysterious Market
  • Playground


The Escape Game Orlando is conveniently located on International Drive in Orlando, Florida.  It is within walking distance of lots of other top Orlando attractions like:

It is within walking distance of a lot of Orlando hotels like: