Discounted ticket for Cakeland in LA. See their new exhibit “The Beauty War”

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If you love cake and you love art, then you are going to love Cakeland.

Cakeland was founded in Los Angeles, California in 2005.  They are beloved for their scrumptious-looking cake-themed, kaleidoscopic art installations.

If you’ve never been before, then you should definitely visit.  And if you’ve been before, it’s time to go again to see the new exhibit, “The Beauty War”.

The Beauty War

“The Beauty War” by Scott Hove is a new art exhibit at Cakeland.  It is an immersive exhibit full of contrast.  It is a mesmerizing maze that resembles a cake.  All kinds of things were used to create the look of cake, like plywood, house paint, Swarovski crystals, fake cherries, orange slices, and peppermint candies.  “The Beauty War” has great features, like a pair of Cantonese-style dragons and an oval area that’s inspired the elliptical, pink-and-gold ladies’ powder room at the Los Angeles Theatre.  And te exhibit has a pervasive theme of the balance of light and dark forces.

It is an exhibit also that has been heavily influenced by recent events.  The exhibit’s media and VIP preview was scheduled for March 19, 2020.  That, of course, happened to be the day of California Governor Gavin Newsom’s statewide stay-at-home orders.  So needless to say, this exhibit ended up being postponed for a very long time.

During the time away, Hove worked on the show’s smaller details.  And what was going in the world around him started influencing the exhibit.  “The Beauty War” was originally about leveraging beauty as a weapon against environmental destruction.  But that was before COVID-19 as well as the death of George Floyd and the following Black Lives Matter protests.  Now, the show’s meaning has expanded and addresses injustice overall.

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Additional Information

Cakeland is located in the historic Chinatown area of L.A.  It is surrounded by lots of shops and restaurants.  Cakeland is in the vicinity of the 110 freeway and public transport routes.