Discounted admission to Classic Fun Center in Sandy, UT

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Are you looking to have some fun for the rest of summer in the Salt Lake City, Utah area?  Then it’s time for your family to head to Classic Fun Center in Sandy, Utah!  As the name might imply, it is a center with a lot of fun activities.

I want to tell you about all the fun activities available here.  Then I’ll tell you a great way that your family can save money here!


The Classic Fun Center has not just one but two skating rinks.  The first is a classic 12,000-square-foot premium hardwood skating floor.  Here’s where you can create lifelong memories with your friends.

The other, InterSKATE 15, is an oval skating track.  It features road construction obstacles, overpass ramps, and exit launch jumps.

They allow roller skates, rollerblades, scooters, small bikes with training wheels, trikes, stroller-skating, and hoverboards.  Ripsticks/heelys are allowed, but they are limited to the oval track.

Blast Zone

Classic Fun Center is home to Utah’s only blast zone!  It’s a 3,000-square-foot arena with:

  • 5,000 foam balls
  • Utah’s tallest/steepest indoor slide
  • 17 air-powered ball blasters
  • 2 giant cannons
  • Air-powered ball returns
  • Exploding ball fountain
  • Lots of targets
  • Levitation tables
  • Toddler only safe zone

Laser Tag

The theme of the laser tag area of Classic Fun Center is that you are on a mission to save the universe from aliens and attacking spaceships.  You have to defend yourself from other enemy troopers.

The laser tag zone has a two-level maze with deceptive mirrors and multiple hideouts.  Look out for eight attacking spaceships and six creepy aliens and see if you can shoot them out!  The aliens in particular are neat to shoot because of the way they freak out when they get shot.

Classic Fun Center equips guests with state-of-the-art battle vests and phasers.  The heart-pounding music also makes the experience even better.


Classic Fun Center is also home to Utah’s first and only Dimecade!  It is an arcade with over fifty video arcade and redemption games.  They have shooting games, driving games, and nostalgic arcade games like Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga.


Classic Fun Center has a bounce zone with lots of different inflatables and obstacles.

Some of what you can find at the bounce zone include:

  • Giant slides
  • Obstacle courses
  • Climbing walls
  • Toddler only inflatable
  • Tunnels
  • Sports stadium
  • Daredevil Island
  • King of the Hill
  • and more!

The Jungle

Enjoy two stories of climbing at The Jungle.

Some of what you can find here includes:

  • A zip line
  • Giant slides
  • Challenge path
  • Rope swings
  • A bridge over the skating track
  • Ball pit
  • Bungee bouncers
  • Lazy hammock
  • Toddler only area

There is something for everyone here and it is even parent-friendly if you want to be active with your child.


So about that way you can save money here!  Click here and you can save up to 36% off a family season pass for up to five people.

The family season pass includes unlimited activities for three hours each day (Monday through Saturday) from June 1, 2022, thru August 31, 2022, for five people.  It is not valid on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays after 9:00 PM.  You can use it for Skating, The Jungle, Bouncing, Blast Zone, and Laser Tag.  Your ticket also includes 100 game credits and 100 tickets per person.  Please note that one of the five family members included in the family pass must be a parent.