Fly fishing near Provo, Salt Lake CIty, Utah

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Fly Fishing At Orem, Utah

Enjoy guided private fishing trips for two or three people on the Provo River near Orem, Utah.  You’ll receive all the needed gear, including rod, reel, flies, waders and boots. You can catch rainbow trout, brown trout, and whitefish.

Your guides are not only expert anglers but they’re also great at finding interesting, off the beaten path locations for wading in and fishing.  Explore the shores of the Provo and Weber Rivers or be taken to more secluded and rugged locales. The guides keep up with the latest on river conditions and hatching seasons.

The fishing trips are beginner-friendly and non-intimidating.  Basic tasks will be covered, including baiting the hook and casting the heavy line into currents.  More experienced anglers will be shown the best spots to catch fish and can learn some new techniques.  

One review for Simply Fly Fishing Utah says “We hit multiple spots and caught fish at all of them.  The last spot…we ended up catching so many fish my arm was tired…”


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