Discount prices for hang-gliding & Paragliding in SLC

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Hang Gliding & Paragliding In Salt Lake City

“Best way to view the valley”  City Weekly

Experience hang gliding and paragliding at the Birdman Academy in the greater Salt Lake City area in Utah.  The Birdman Academy is located at the Point of the Mountain. The weather conditions at the Point are what you want for training – consistent smooth winds which provide the maximum potential for hang gliding and paragliding lessons.  These winds make your learning to fly much faster and easier. 

Kevin “Birdman” Koonce founded Birdman Academy.  He and other experienced instructors who have traveled and “flown” around the world guide patrons through their experiences.  The lesson includes 30 pictures.

“…a wonderful experience.  I bought it as a gift for my husband.  He had the time of his life…we enjoyed watching him soar.”

The Academy uses small steps in your training.  You’ll start out low and then work higher on the mountain, all the time with the instructor telling you what to do on the radio which will make your learning easier.  The Birdman Academy specializes in foot launch solo hang gliding and paragliding instruction and ratings certification. They will also help you get the gear that you need to fly on your own.

“The Birdman…his enthusiasm is amazing and his easy going character is a pleasure to ‘hang’ with…I would highly recommend Birdman Academy.”


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