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Have you ever experienced the violence of mutants and psychopaths in a forsaken wasteland? It’s Halloween, do you want to live dangerously and get some chills and thrills? If your answer is yes, then you need to go to Spookshow: Haunted Screampark in Price, Utah.

This is the most terrifying haunted scream park in all of Utah. The brutality never stops at Spookshow: Haunted Screampark.

We’re going to tell you about the activities at Spookshow: Haunted Screampark and then we’ll tell you how you can save money on this great Halloween experience.

Desolate Terror

You may have to work up your nerve to enter a blood and gore soaked desert wasteland. It is said to be inhabited by mutant creatures and psychopaths. Many locals and tourists have disappeared in the area around the cursed grounds. Even the local police won’t go in there to investigate. The locals say it’s just stories, rumors, legends. Are you brave enough to find out for yourself. Just remember – in the desert, no one can hear you scream.

The Tunnel of the Damned

You get to explore Eden’s Landing Old Chapel. It’s a broken down chapel built in 1896. A shanty town has grown up around over the years. Locals whisper that it is now occupied by some sort of bizarre cult. Is that just a rumor? Or are the scary stories really true? You’ll have to find out for yourself. The many scares and screams will keep your blood racing and have you crying for your Mama! Can you get out unscathed?

Wicked Axe Throwing Range

Test your skill and strength throwing axes with your friends and family. See if you’ve got what it takes to beat our number of the beast challenge. Nail 3 bulls-eyes in a row to score a 666!

If you miss Spookshow: Haunted Screampark this Halloween season, you’ll be missing a ton of fun!


Price, Utah, is within 26 miles of Spring Glen, East Carbon City, Helper, West Wood, Carbonville and Castle Dale. Price is 64 miles from Green River, 75 miles from Provo, 83 miles from Orem, 115 miles from Moab and 119 miles from Salt Lake City.


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