Branson Missouri ziplining deals discount prices

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Royal Gorge Rafting & Zip Line Tours offers the #1 rated Colorado zip line tours.  Fly on their Classic or Extreme zip line tour.  

The Classic family fun zip line traverses over a mile of zip line cable on 9 lines.  Soar over 100 acres of rolling hillsides on the Royal Gorge Plateau.  The last line is a dual race line where guests ride side by side in a race to the finish.  The longest zipline is 1002, the highest point is 50’ and the maximum speed is 45 mph.

The Extreme course is an exciting tour that speeds along over 2 miles of zip line cable at 60 mph.  The longest zip line is the expansive high speed 1700’ zip line.  The finale is a dual side by side 1200’ racing line that ends in a 7 story tower.  Guests will then descend using the “True Blue” belay or the “Flight Line” free fall device.  The Flight Line allows you to drop off the tower and free fall up to 30’.  Then the Flight Line will slowly lower you to the ground.  It’s the world’s first device of its kind and it’s only in the greater Colorado Springs area.

At the end of your experience, the guides will compile the day’s photos into a slide show so you can remember your zip line adventure.

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