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Haunted Forest At Grand Farms

Are you looking for that perfect Halloween experience this year in Washington?  Then enter the Haunted Forest at Grand Farms….if you dare.

The enormous gate only opens for the worthy.  If it opens for you, step on a one-mile trail of sheer terror.

The evil Queen has cast a horrific spell on the forest.  You’ll enter a world of necromancers and dragons.  Don’t let the evil minions of the Queen get you!

You’re walking in a true Halloween nightmare.  Try to escape the grasp of zombies, witches, and gigantic spiders.  Some kind of scary creature lurks around every turn under a shroud of darkness.  Beware and be scared!

You’ll have to make it past the playground of nightmares.  That’s where demented jesters make playthings out of the souls of travelers.  You never know what might be waiting for you.

The Bone Devils will be unleashed to roam the forest looking for their next victim.  They will make your hair stand on end. You’ll scream and then laugh hysterically.  Just not too loud.  The absolute last thing you want to do is wake up the dragon and be incinerated by its fiery breath.

One mile of peril and horror.  If you’re one of the lucky ones to make it out of the Haunted Forest, you can warm up by the fire.  Soothe your jangled nerves with a warming drink and a snack at the concession stand.

Intense actors take on the roles of zombies, witches, and monsters to creep you out.  Fright filled props and cutting edge animatronics will take you to a new level of terror.  You’ll scream and laugh and have fun!


Vaughn is on the Key Peninsula and is 28 miles from Seattle and 15 miles from Tacoma.  Towns within 12 miles of Vaughn include Belfair, Wauna, Ololl, Lakebay, Burley, Allyn, Steilacoom, Anderson Island, Gig Harbor, Longbranch, Fox Island, and Grapeview.


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