Los Angeles Dodgers Star Wars Night 2024 Guide

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The Los Angeles Dodgers are not just known for having a great baseball team year in and year out.  They are also known for having a fun atmosphere for fans who attend their games at Dodger Stadium in Downtown LA.

Part of the reason games are so much fun is because of all the neat theme nights they put on each year, like the fan-favorite Dodgers Hello Kitty Night.  And the Dodgers have another upcoming game that is always a fan favorite.  And that is the Dodgers’ Star Wars Night!

Dodgers Star War Night happens on Monday, May 6th, 2024, at 7:10 PM.  This is when the Dodgers play the Miami Marlins.  The game should be a lot of fun for everyone, but especially if you love Star Wars.

And if you do love Star Wars, I know you’re going to love the freebie they’re giving out.  Even if you’re shockingly not a fan of Star Wars, you’re going to like the freebie.

It’s a free Dodgers-Star Wars Night-Exclusive Millennium Falcon bobble figurine!  This is a must-have for Dodgers & Sar Wars fans.    You can get this freebie only if you purchase the exclusive ticket package here.  Otherwise, you can go to the game but you can’t get the bobblehead.

You’ll need to buy this package soon, though.  These tend to sell out really fast.  But if the package does sell out, you can still go to the game, have fun, and enjoy celebrating the Dodgers and Star Wars with like-minded fans.  You can find the cheapest prices for Dodgers tickets here.

What to Wear

Want to show off your love of Star Wars at the game?  You can consider going to the game in costume.  It’s a great chance to combine your love of baseball with cosplay.  You can find some great Star Wars costumes here.

You can also consider wearing a Star Wars shirt, hat, etc. to the game, too.  There is a great selection of Star Wars merchandise as well as some great sales if you buy your Star Wars merch here.

Or you could show off your love of the Dodgers by wearing a Dodgers jersey, shirt, hat, etc.  Once again, there’s a great selection of Dodgers merchandise as well as great sales if you buy your Dodgers merch here.