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The Skunk Train has a delightful history in California.  In fact, it’s been running through the redwoods of California since 1885.  And now you can feel like you’ve traveled back in time by taking a ride on the Skunk Train!

Now I say Skunk Train, but the railroad’s historic name is California Western Railroad.  The nickname “Skunk” actually refers to a time in 1925 when motorcars (or railbuses or railcrusers) were invented.  They had gasoline-powered engines & a pot-bellied stove that burned cruse oil so that the passengers would stay warm.  The combination of these created a terrible smell, so people living along the lines said the motorcars were like skunks.  Thus the nickname of the Skunk Train!

But gross nickname aside, it’s actually a really beautiful ride with amazing views.  You get to ride through redwood groves and otherwordly tunnels.  You’ll drive over scenic trestle bridges and into the heart of the Noyo River Canyon.

There are multiple different experiences you get to choose from, and we’ll go over those now.

Pudding Creek Express 1 Hour Journey

This is a 1-hour, 7-mile round trip along the gorgeous Pudding Creek Estuary.  The Pudding Creek Estuary is home to blue herons, egrets, ospreys, and more, so you’ll get to see amazing wildlife.  The Pudding Creek Express departs from their Fort Bragg depot.  It makes for a wonderful morning or afternoon excursion.

Wolf Tree Turn 2 Hour Journey

Are you looking for a bit of a longer train ride?  Then perhaps the Wolf Tree 2 hour Journey would be your cup of tea!  It departs out of Willits.  From there, you get to travel to the highest point of the railroad line.  That’s an elevation of 1,740 feet!  From there, the train will go through Tunnel #2 and then down into the Noyo River Canyon.  This is a beautiful train ride that I know you’ll enjoy.


Want to see the world-famous Redwood Route in a completely different way?  Then try seeing it from a two-person, pedal-powered Railbike!  It’s about a one-and-a-half-hour roundtrip along the Pudding Creek Estuary to Glen Blair Junction.

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