Denver, Colorado Spookadelia 3 at Spectra Art Space Halloween art experience coupon

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Spookadelia 3 at Spectra Art Space

This Halloween, have a memorable, artistic experience at Spectra Art Space.  In other words, come to Spookadelia 3!

Spookadelia 3 is a psychedelic immersive art & theatrical experience.  If you visited Spookadelia 1 or 2 you’ll recognize some of the same artists but be pleased by the new additions.  If you didn’t attend Spookadelia 1 or 2 you will be amazed by this experience!  It is based on a concept led by Spectra Art Spaces’s creative director & owner, Sadie Young.

As you can tell with the name, it is spooky.  But at the same time, it is family-friendly.  All ages are welcome.  It is both an indoor and outdoor experience.

But I think of my favorite parts of it is how perfect it is given the current pandemic.  You schedule a time slot for yourself and your group.  And then you guys are the only ones inside during your time slot!

In between time slots for groups, the Spectra staff sanitizes the area.  That is one way this is a safe experience for the current times.  They also have hand sanitizers and handwashing stations available throughout the space.  And you will need to wear a face mask.

But back to the experience!  It consists of several immersive & interactive rooms.  You get to explore the layers of the human psyche and consumption.  You get to journey through the neon jungle of archetypes and solve a puzzle.  There are a lot of different experiences included here.

And of course, a lot of art.  Art from the artists who created:

  • Spookadelia 1 and 2
  • UMS Odyssey stage Far Out Factory Photobooth
  • Genius Wizard 2019
  • Magic crystals at Cosmos De’ Americas
  • And More!

There are also video performance artists curated by Kayla Smith.  She has experience working with Fearless Theatre and Adams Mystery Playhouse.


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