Discount price for Krampus holiday event in NYC

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Blood Manor has returned to New York City and they’re serious about scaring New Yorkers out of their skins.  This terrifying haunted Manor features all new attractions:


Nature and the undead join forces to uneash terror.

Maggot Invasion

They’ll get under your skin.

The Crypt

Where none rest in peace.

The Wake

Pay respects to Doll Face.

Hanibal’s Hell

1,000 ways to die


Beasts and Demons fight for you body and soul.

Killer Clown Room

Needs no explanation.

With fright-filled state-of-the-art props, cutting edge animatronics and gallons of blood spilled every night, Blood Manor is certain to take you to a new level of sheer terror.

Book this through Goldstar and save $16-21 on the price of admission.