Hey Disney Trivia Game with Genie from Aladdin on the Disney Magical Companion in Art of Animation Resort

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If you have an Alexa at home, you might find yourself asking Alexa questions, even when you’re not around an Amazon Echo device. (Or maybe I’m the only one who does that.)

Well, what if you could have a special Amazon Echo device – with a Disney twist?

The next time you stay at Walt Disney World, you might find a Disney Magical Companion inside your hotel room. Except instead of addressing Alexa, you can access the voice assistant by saying “Hey Disney!” Today, we’re going to go over just what this device is, how it works, and how you can even enjoy it from the comfort of your own home.

What is the Disney Magical Companion?

The Disney Magical Companion is actually an Amazon Echo with a special Hey Disney feature and themed stand.

In our Little Mermaid room at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort during our last Disney trip, we had an Amazon Echo Show with a Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary inspired stand:

Made for Amazon, Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Celebration inspired You can actually order it and other Disney themed Amazon Echo Show stands here. (And yes, seeing it absolutely made me want to get one for my home!)

A short booklet was next to our Amazon Echo Show, explaining how it works and listing some of the possible uses.

And how does it work? Let’s go over that!

How to Use the Disney Magical Companion

When you come into your room, the microphone should be turned off. How do you know it’s turned off? The microphone button will be lit up in a red color.

Disney Magical Companion in an Art of Animation hotel room, with the microphone turned off

If you’d like use the Disney Magical Companion with voice commands, then you’ll need to turn the microphone on. Simply press the red button, and the button will go from red to black.

Disney Magical Companion in Art of Animation hotel room with the microphone turned on

Now you’re ready to go! You can say “Hey Disney!” to make requests. (You can also say “Alexa” to interact with the device.) Once the blue bar is lit on the screen, you can keep speaking to make your request.

Some of the special Disney features and commands include:

  • Set an alarm – “Hey Disney, set an alarm”
  • Get a weather forecast – “Hey Disney, what’s the weather?”
  • Listen to themed background music – “Hey Disney, play a Soundscape”
  • Play a trivia game – “Hey Disney, let’s play Trivia”
  • Hear a joke – “Hey Disney, tell me a joke”
  • Hear a story – “Hey Disney, read me a story”
  • Hear a morning character greeting – “Hey Disney, good morning!”
  • Hear a nighttime character greeting – “Hey Disney, goodnight!”
  • Have an adventure with a Disney character – “Hey Disney, let’s go on an adventure!”
  • Learn more about the special features – “Hey Disney, what can you do?”
  • Stop your current Disney Magical Companion activity – “Hey Disney, exit”

Hey Disney Trivia Game with Genie from Aladdin on the Disney Magical Companion in Art of Animation Resort

C3PO and R2D2 in a Star Wars story on the Disney Magical Companion inside an Art of Animation Resort hotel room

And you can also consult the short booklet we mentioned earlier if you need any help using the Disney Magical Companion.

Disney Magical Companion in room guide at Walt Disney World

And for those of us who didn’t like it when Disney stopped having clocks in their hotel rooms, you’ll be happy to know that the Disney Magical Companion also conveniently displays the time.

Disney Magical Companion displaying time as a clock in an Art of Animation hotel room

Hey Disney at Home

If you love the Hey Disney features, you’ll be happy to know that you don’t have to be staying at a Disney World resort to enjoy it! You can take advantage of the “Hey Disney” experience at home with your Alexa device. That’s because it’s available as a skill you can purchase through Amazon.