Find out what my family thought of our stay at Courtyard Jacksonville Butler Boulevard in our review

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Are you planning a trip to Jacksonville, Florida?  Whether you are there for business, a sporting event, to visit a Jacksonville beach, or enjoy one of Jacksonville’s many other attractions, you may be looking for that perfect hotel.  One that is high quality, will put you within good distance of attractions and dining but is also affordable.

And I think a good choice for that would be the Courtyard Jacksonville Butler Boulevard.

Find out what my family thought of our stay at Courtyard Jacksonville Butler Boulevard in our review

I have stayed at numerous Jacksonville hotels, and I have to say this was one of the best I’ve stayed in.  I’ll tell you why my family liked this hotel so much in my review.


First of all, let me start off by saying what wonderful service the hotel had.  When I mentioned other experiences at other Jacksonville hotels, I stayed at one Jacksonville hotel where the service was so bad it almost made me never want to visit Jacksonville again.

But this was just about the most opposite experience I could have.  Everyone who worked there was so nice.  Throughout our stay they went out of our way to be nice and helpful.  Whether it was helping us with a cart or letting us know about what they were serving for breakfast, the service was exceptional and much appreciated.

Guest Rooms

So the service was a pleasant surprise.  But I thought I might like the guest rooms, and that was the reason I booked the hotel.  And the guest rooms definitely lived up to my expectations, if not exceeded them.

First of all, the TV was great.

A picture of the 55-inch smart TV in a guest room at Courtyard Jacksonville Butler Boulevard

Their guest rooms have 55-inch TVs.  There was a game on the night I checked in that I really wanted to watch.  I really liked getting to watch it on a large TV.  It really enhanced my experience.

Then there were the beds.

I love how spacious the guest rooms are at Courtyard Jacksonville Butler Boulevard

It was one of the most comfortable beds I’ve slept in.  It’s the kind of bed where you lay down on it and you feel like you can fall asleep right away.  I also liked that if you are looking for a stay for four people, there are queen beds and not double beds.

The room itself was also very spacious.  There was plenty of room for our luggage.

The bathrooms were spacious as well.  I appreciated that, because I’ve found that sometimes when you have large guest rooms the bathrooms will be small and vice versa.  But in this case, both the guest room itself and the bathroom were a good size.

The Bistro

An added bonus of this hotel was its onsite restaurant, The Bistro.  This wasn’t a reason we chose the hotel but it ended up being one of our favorite things about it.

The Bistro is a great onsite restaurant.  You order your food at the register and then they’ll bring it out to you.

They have a really great menu.  It starts with breakfast, where you can enjoy breakfast with Starbucks coffee.

We did not eat there for breakfast as we had brought NutriGrain bars for breakfast to save a little money on our vacation (we are, after all, Green Vacation Deals, so we care about saving money on travel!).  Because while this restaurant isn’t the most expensive restaurant you’ll find, it’s not cheap, either.

But, at least judging by our dinner here, the food is worth the price as it is very good.  I had an absolutely delicious Cobb Salad.

A picture of a Cobb Salad from The Bistro, an onsite restaurant at Courtyard Jacksonville Butler Boulevard

I really liked the smashed avocado and egg especially.  But the chicken was also really great and I liked how properly cut up it (and everything else) was.

They also serve a great burger, too.

A picture of a burger served at The Bistro at Courtyard Jacksonville Butler Boulevard

And you know how I mentioned sports before?  Well, if there’s a game you want to watch while eating, they have lots of TVs.  They even have a couple of booths with individual TVs so you can turn to the specific game you want (or any TV show you want).  And there’s plenty of seating.

The Bistro at Courtyard Jacksonville Butler Boulevard has plenty of seating

The restaurant also serves a lot of great wine and beer – and since the restaurant is onsite, you don’t have to worry about driving while intoxicated.


The hotel is in a great location.  If you don’t want to eat onsite, you are close to a lot of restaurants, including an easy walk to Cracker Barrel.

But it’s also convenient for a lot of places in Jacksonville.  You’re about fifteen minutes from Downtown Jacksonville and EverBank Stadium.  You’re also about twenty minutes from Jacksonville Beach, which is one of my favorite Jacksonville area beaches.

It’s also located off I-95 so it’s really convenient.  It’s about two hours from Orlando, so if you were traveling home from Orlando and you live north of Orlando, you could spent a morning at one of the theme parks (Disney World, Universal, SeaWorld) and then get a headstart on driving home by spending the night here.


The hotel has other amenities that make staying here even better, too.

There’s an outdoor pool.

A picture of the pool at Courtyard Jacksonville Butler Boulevard.

They also have a fitness center with plenty of exercise equipment.

The fitness center at Jacksonville Butler Boulevard has lots of great exercise equipment like ellipticals, exercise bikes, and weights

A picture of the treadmills in the fitness center at Courtyard Jacksonville Butler Boulevard

If you want to keep working out or lifting weights during your trip to Jacksonville, Florida, then stay at Courtyard Jacksonville Butler Boulevard which has an outstanding fitness center


And finally, a big advantage of this hotel is that for all you get, it is still surprisingly affordable.  You can find the lowest possible price for the hotel here, as that will compare prices and find you the cheapest deal.