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Disney’s Pop Century Resort

Today we’re going to take you through a virtual tour of Disney’s Pop Century Resort.  This is an on-site hotel at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.  Pop Century is one of Disney’s “Value” Hotels.  This means that Pop Century is more affordable (relatively speaking) than other Disney hotels.  This is a great hotel and also a nostalgia trip for family-friendly memories from the 1990s, 1980s, 1970s, 1960s, and 1950s.

This video was taken during the summer of 2019.  There was construction going on during our trip (but it didn’t hurt our stay!).  This is because of the new Disney Skyliner Transportation that transports guests to EPCOT and Hollywood Studios theme park.  You can read about the opening date and more information about the new Disney Skyliner here.

One of the stops is in the middle of Pop Century and Art of Animation Resort.  This will undoubtedly raise the nightly rates at Pop Century going forward.  But you can still find good deals for Pop Century, read our Pop Century money-saving tips here.

This video starts by Hourglass Lake, which is the lake in between Pop Century and Art of Animation.  You’ll be able to see the way the gondolas look now before they are ready for guests to use.

Pop Century Lobby

From there, we head into the Classic Hall lobby.  I really like the lobby of Pop Century because of all the great paraphernalia up on all the walls.  It really is a wonderful literal walk down memory lane.  You’ll see great stuff from the 1990s, 1980s, 1970s, 1960s, and 1950s.  If you lived through those decades, it will bring back great memories of beloved products you owned then or shows or movies you watched.  You’ll see stuff you haven’t thought about in years!

Also located in the lobby is an arcade (a great addition to a hotel) and Everything POP.  Everything POP is both a food court and a gift shop, and we show you both here.  By the way, if you eat here, my family recommends the pizza.  It’s incredibly delicious and if you share it with your whole family, you can save money.

We then head outside, where you can see recreational activities underway.  A great thing about Disney hotels is that they have fun recreational events going on every day.  It really makes your stay more of an experience than a hotel stay.

The 1960s

Once you’re outside, you’ll be able to see the main pool, or the Hippy Dippy Pool.  This is fittingly part of the 1960s section.  Rooms in this section cost more, by the way, because you’re so close to the food court and main pool.  They have a huge pool and a children’s pool.  Fun flowers spray water out which is very needed in the summer!  This is where you can enjoy Movie Under The Stars on select nights (when they show Disney movies).  They also have fun activities at the pool during the day.  This pool is a great reason why Pop Century is a great choice for your family vacation.

In addition to seeing the pool, you’ll also get an up-close view of the 1960s section.  There are also colorful flowers (think flower power!) decorated on the balconies of each floor.  I like how you can see a huge Baloo and Mowgli, since Disney’s original cartoon class, The Jungle Book, came out in 1967.  I also like the huge yo-yo decorations, too.  There are also 1960s slang, phrases and expressions up, like “Peace, Love and Happiness” and “Far Out”.

The 1970s

Next up is the 1970s.  Here you’ll huge disco dancer decorations on the balconies of the 1970s buildings.  You’ll also see phrases from the 1970s on the buildings (like “Bicentennial”).  I really like the courtyard of the 1970s section where there is a huge life-sized Foosball game.  You’ll also see a huge Big Wheel and a huge Mickey Mouse with a retro phone.

The 1980s

The 1980s section does not disappoint, either!  Here’s you’ll see a huge Roger Rabbit from Disney’s classic 1988 film, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?  You’ll also see other great 80s nostalgia items, like gigantic-sized Rubix Cubes, Pacman on the balconies, a gigantic Walkman, etc.  They’ve got classic 80s expressions, too, like “Totally Awesome” or “To the Max”.

The 1990s

The 1990s section is great, too.  I really like the computer-shaped pool.  It even has a giant floppy disc and keypad!  It is not as big as the Hippy Dippy Pool, but because of that there are often less people there which is nice.  I like the big computer on display with 1990s Internet on display, complete with a fitting Aladdin picture!  There are hip hop dancers on the balconies.  There are classic 90s phrases and expression up here, too, like “Whatever” and “Surf the Net”.

The 1950s

So if you thought we’d end with the 1990s…yeah, we don’t.  We end with the 1950s.  Perhaps we wanted to leave the best for last because I really like the 1950s section!  Like Baloo and Roger Rabbit, the 1950s section has Disney characters, too.  There’s Lady and the Tramp from the 1955 Disney classic!  The 1950s section has its own pool, too.  Similar to the 1990s pool, it is a smaller pool and therefore less frequented.  It has a bowling theme.  You’ll see records decorating the balconies in this section.  There’s also a huge jukebox up.  There are fitting 1950s phrases up here, too, like “Sock Hop”.


As you can tell from the video, Pop Century is a really fun Disney hotel.  I think it would be a great choice for families, singles, couples, girls trip, etc.  Definitely check out our ways to save money at Pop Century here so you can stay here, too!

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