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See The Beauty Of Lydgate Beach Park In Kauai, Hawaii

Lydgate Beach can be found on the Coconut Coast (east side) of Kauai near the mouth of the Wailua River.  It is a large family-friendly beach park.  It is in a great location as it is central and close to any point on Kauai.  This is a beautiful undeveloped natural area, but it’s only a few miles from shops, grocery stores, and restaurants.  

If you think you’ve seen this beach before, you may very well have.  The Lydgate Beach was featured in the movies “Diamond Head” and Elvis Presley’s “Blue Hawaii.”  

This park features a large double sectioned pool on its northern end of the beach.  These pools are protected from ocean swells by a man-made rock barrier.

In 1964, a crane was floated into Lydgate Beach to lift and place lava rock boulders, creating a 2.6-acre rock barrier along the beach.  

The pool is divided into an inner section and a large outer section by a rock wall.  The water in both sections is swimming pool calm.

The inner, smaller pool is shallow and great for keikis (Hawaiian for children).  The outer pool is deeper and great for swimming and snorkeling, especially for beginner snorkelers.  Overlooking the pools is a lifeguard in a tower.

The larger pool has a variety of tropical fish that enter the pool through the crevices in the rocks.  Swimming with colorful, playful tropical fish like parrotfish and puffin fish is a lot of fun.

Ke Ala Hele Makalae

Ke Ala Hele Makalae is a 2 ½ mile bike path that runs through Lydgate Beach Park.  Along the coastal path, you’ll find several pavilions with picnic tables,  Enjoy great views of sea turtles, dolphins, humpback whales (seasonally) and gorgeous water views from any of the pavilions.  


Lydgate Beach Park has two playgrounds.  The Kalamani Playground was built in 1994 by 7,000 local volunteers.  Swings, slides, climbing areas, tires, swinging bridges, tubes and the popular volcano slide provide hours of fun for the keikis.  The ground is sprinkled with sawdust to provide a soft landing for any and all slides.

The Kamalani Kai Bridge is the second playground which was designed by local keikis.  This is a fascinating maze of towers and criss crossing pathways which form a bridge over the road below.  It is perfect for games of hide and seek and tag.


The Great Sacred Wailua was the birthplace of royalty in ancient Hawaii.  You’ll find ruins of Hawaiian temples lining the Wailua River from the mountain top to the ocean.  

See the remains of Hikinaakala Helau that dates back to 800AD.  You’ll also see the remains of Hauola, a sanctuary for Hawaiianss who broke a taboo.  There are several signs which give a little bit of historical background on the area.

Outdoor Sports & Camping

There is a large grass field in the park which is perfect for flying kites and tossing frisbees.  There are several soccer fields for public use.

People love to fish at the mouth of the Wailua River.  Petroglyphs are ancient pieces of artwork carved into rocks.  You can see them exposed by the shifting river sands.

Lydgate Beach Park is a popular camping destination.  The Lydgate Campground has 10’x10’ campsites, 20’x20’ campsites, and a group camping area.  The Campground has restrooms, showers, picnic tables, grills, and plenty of parking.

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Hotel Deals

If your preference is for a hotel, you should consider one of the following hotels.  They are close to Lydgate Beach Park and are offering discounted rates.

  • Kauai Inn       20% Discount
  • Kauai Beach Resort       15% Discount
  • Plantation Hale Suites       15% Discount
  • Banyan Harbor Resort       14% Discount
  • Hotel Coral Reef       10% Discount
  • Hilton Garden Inn Ranch Kauai Wailua Bay       9% Discount

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Travel guide for Lydgate Beach Park in Kauai, Hawaii, USA