Best Hampton Beach New Hampshire hotels with a pool

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Hampton Beach is a wonderful travel destination along the Atlantic Ocean in New Hampshire.  You can enjoy relaxing at the beach, walking along the boardwalk, playing golf, having fun at an arcade or casino or swimming in the ocean.

Now, whenever I visit the beach, I like staying at a hotel with a pool.  That way, I can alternate between swimming at the beach and the pool. In addition to all of the other fun activities at Hampton Beach, it can make your vacation even better.

That is why I think you’d like staying in one of these ten Hampton Beach, NH hotels.  They are rated as the ten best Hampton Beach hotels with a pool by Expedia (which you can use to find the best price for these hotels):

  1. Regal Inn
  2. Sun & Surf Motel
  3. Hampton Harbor Motel
  4. Ashworth by the Sea
  5. Marguerite Motel
  6. The Hillcrest
  7. Atlantic Motel
  8. Flagship Motor Court
  9. The Pelham Court
  10. The Pelham Resort Motel