Ale & Compass at the Walt Disney World Resort has delicious breakfast items for breakfast or lunch like these blueberry pancakes

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My family recently came back from a trip to the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.  We were staying at the Walt Disney World Swan Hotel.  We love staying at this hotel because you can walk (or take a boat) to both Epcot and Hollywood Studios.  There are three other hotels like this: the Dolphin Resort, Disney’s Yacht Club, Disney’s Beach Club, and Disney’s Boardwalk Inn.  So since we were so close to the Yacht Club, we decided to have breakfast at a restaurant at the Yacht Club: the Ale and Compass.

Disney Yacht Club Ale & Compass

The Ale & Compass Restaurant is a casual restaurant located in Disney’s Yacht Club.  Like the Yacht Club, the Ale & Compass has a New England coastal theme.  We booked a reservation for our meal.

A neat thing about this restaurant is they serve breakfast until 1:30 PM.  So you could really have breakfast as lunch here.  If you are not staying near the hotel, you can take a boat or walk back from Epcot or Hollywood Studios after spending the morning there.  Or you could take a bus from Magic Kingdom or Animal Kingdom.

One thing I liked about this restaurant is that I was able to check in with my phone.  Then they texted me when a seat was ready.  We were able to wait in the air-conditioned lobby in their very comfortable chairs.  And the Yacht Club is a beautiful hotel.  You can see that in our video tour of the Yacht Club.

When I walked in, I was kind of surprised by how big the restaurant was.  From the lobby, it looked kind of small but there are lots of tables.  The decor is really beautiful, too.  I really loved the paintings.

A picture of the tables at Ale and Compass a Yacht Club restaurant at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL

Ale & Compass Breakfast Food Review

Virtually everyone in my party ended up ordering the Blueberry-Bacon Pancakes.

Ale & Compass at the Walt Disney World Resort has delicious breakfast items for breakfast or lunch like these blueberry pancakes

Blueberry bacon pancakes were my family's favorite dish at Ale & Compass at Yacht Club in Disney World

They are one of the most popular menu items at this restaurant.  And let me tell you, these pancakes did not disappoint.  I can honestly say they are the most delicious pancakes I have ever eaten.

Now, some restaurants will serve “blueberry pancakes” but they will just be pancakes with blueberries on top.  But these blueberries were cooked into the batter.  And these blueberries were really fresh and delicious.  The bacon was delicious, too.  The mix of the two tastes together in the pancakes made such a delicious taste.

But the best part had to be the blueberries.  My dad said it reminded him of picking blueberries in Maine where he grew up as a child.  His mother would then make blueberry pies and blueberry muffins.  The taste in the pancakes brought him right back to these wonderful memories.  And isn’t Disney World about reliving your best memories from your childhood?  Additionally, my dad said these were the best pancakes he had in a long time, and I had to agree!

The one person who went against the group and ordered something different was my mom.  She ordered the American Breakfast.

Enjoy eggs, toast, bacon & other breakfast menu items at Ale & Compass casual restaurant at the Walt Disney World Resort

If you order the American Breakfast, you can get 2 eggs served in any style.  You also get Breakfast Potatoes and your choice of Sausage or Bacon.  She thought her breakfast was delicious, too.

So all in all, my family really enjoyed eating breakfast here and would recommend your family eat here, too.

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