Cheap flights to Disney World: 12 ways to get them

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If you don’t live close enough to Disney World to drive there (or you don’t like long car rides), then you’ll need to fly to Orlando, and I’m sure you’ll want to find a cheap flight.  After all, Disney World tickets are expensive enough, right? But when I was living in Salt Lake City, I was able to find a number of inexpensive flights for my family that allowed us to take multiple trips to Walt Disney World without breaking the bank.  There’s basically a group of websites I use to look for good fares, and there a number of promo codes that I can share with you that can save you even more money.  I also have other tricks to help save you money or get you free airline gift cards.

A couple things to remember before I get started:

  1. Deals really vary depending on where you are coming from; one website might have the cheapest rates for flights coming from Cleveland, another might have the lowest rates for flights coming from Seattle, etc.  So don’t get discouraged and keep going down this list to check – your persistence could literally save you hundreds of dollars!
  2. Make sure you click through our links because we can give our readers lower prices!

So here we go:

  1. Skiplagged: This is one of my favorite secret ways to save a lot of money on flights – I have saved hundreds on one flight alone.  Here’s how Skiplagged works: basically, if you search for a flight from where you are located to Orlando, they will not only find flights to Orlando but they will also find flights for you where there is a layover in Orlando.  You can book that flight, get off in Orlando and then go on to Disney World!  Now, the one trick here is in order to do this, you cannot check any baggage, so this works best if you travel light.  I have found I can get a lot in by buying an American Tourister suitcase and this Star Wars purse.  But this may not be doable for everyone, but it could save you a lot on a Disney trip, especially if it was a short Disney trip (a great solution if you are a Disney World addict like myself!).  For example, if you’re looking for flights from Kansas City, Missouri to Orlando for February 15th-February 18th, the cheapest flight is $272 but if you book a flight to Fort Lauderdale that has a layover in Orlando, the flight is $230 – these savings can really add up if your party is large.
  2. CheapOAir: CheapOAir really does live up to its name.  I have gotten some ridiculously low prices through CheapOAir.  And if you want to make your flight even cheaper, Green Vacation Deal readers should use the promo code “NY2019” to save up to $32 off your flight.
  3. Skyscanner: Skyscanner is a website that consistently comes to my mind when thinking of a great place to go find a cheap flight to Disney World.  You can find some rates much lower than other websites, depending on where you are coming from.
  4. One Travel: Take advantage of the low prices offered by One Travel – and as a Green Vacation Deals reader, use the promo code “TOP40” to get $40 off a booking for up to 4 travelers.
  5. Lookup Fare: I love looking for low prices for flights on this website – and Green Vacation Deals readers can get $40 off for a party of at least 4 people when using the promo code “FAMILY40”.
  6. SmartFares: SmartFares is another website I always turn to when looking for a good price – I seriously recommend you keep going down this list in your search for a good flight because you never know which website is going to give you the best price.  And here’s another tip I can give you: to save money on SmartFares, use the promo code “SFCHEAP15” to get $15 off your flight.
  7. CheapFlightNow: You can also find some good deals on flights to Orlando through CheapFlightNow – and if you use the promo code “CFNHOL15”, you can save $15 on your flight.
  8. CheapFlights: CheapFlights is a website I like to use because they find low fares across a large number of websites and you can see where the cheapest flights to Orlando are coming from so you could consider flying from a different airport to save you money (for example, if you normally like to fly out of Toledo, Ohio, you might notice much cheaper flights to Orlando from Columbus and (if possible) you might consider flying out of Columbus instead to save money.
  9. CheapFlightsFreak: CheapFlightsFreak is another good website to check for low prices, and it also does a great job showing you where the cheap flights to Orlando are coming from.
  10. Book A Vacation Package: Now, this doesn’t save you money on your flight, but if you book a vacation package through Expedia, you can save a lot of money on your hotel which helps you save money on the vacation overall – and that’s sort of the point, isn’t it?  I go into more detail about how to book a vacation package here.
  11. Swagbucks: This isn’t a website where you can book a flight, but you can save money on flights by earning Swagbucks and then using those Swagbucks for flights.  Swagbucks, in case you’re not familiar, is a way you can earn Swagbucks by doing simple, free things (such as making online purchases, watching videos, completing surveys, etc.) – we go into more detail about Swagbucks here.  You can use those Swagbucks to buy Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines or American Airlines gift cards and then you can use those gift cards towards your flights, which could save you a lot of money.
  12. Air Wander: Now this is one I have not used for Disney World but I use when traveling much farther, so if you live very far away from Disney World (like, say, another country) then this could be extremely helpful.  With Air Wander, they help you book “stopovers” in another location and this can help reduce the overall price of your flight (and you can see a new location in the process!). If this sounds confusing, don’t worry; I go into more detail about Air Wander here.


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