I miss Disney! Things you can do at home to bring Disney World in your life

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If you’re like me, then once you end one Disney World vacation, you miss the parks and you’re ready to start your next Disney trip!  But since you can’t move into Disney World, how do you get through those sad times between your Disney World trips? Here are 10 things you can do that can bring Disney World to your every day life before you can get back to Orlando, Florida for another Disney World trip.

    1. Enjoy Disney videos on YouTube: The best way to feel like you’re at Disney World is to see Disney World.  I like to watch Disney videos on YouTube (you can catch some of our videos on our YouTube channel).  I use my Google Chromecast to cast the videos to my TV and then watch them when I exercise on my Rowing Machine (a great way to combine both my love of Disney and exercise!).
    2. Listen to Disney radio stations: Another way to feel like you’re at the park is to listen to Disney songs, songs & sounds from Disney rides, parades, shows, etc.  Here are my favorite radio stations: Sorcerer RadioDMagicWorld!, DParkRadio and Reedy Creek.
    3. Cook from Disney cookbooks: If you have favorite desserts, dishes or drinks from Disney World and their festivals, then buying a Disney cookbook will let you cook (and eat!) your favorite Disney meals at home.  My two favorite Disney cookbooks are Chef Mickey and The Best of EPCOT Festivals Cookbook.
    4. Enjoy Mickey Waffles: If you love Mickey waffles as much as I do, then I’m sure you’d love to have them at home.  And you can do that with the Mickey Waffle Maker. I always make them on weekends, and it’s a great way for my family to feel like we’re back at Disney World.  I really like making chocolate waffles. I also love putting the Mickey waffles on this Magic Kingdom plate.
    5. Enjoy Disney popcorn: I absolutely love the popcorn at Disney World.  Not only does it taste good, but you can smell it throughout the park so when I eat it, I get that warm Disney World feeling.  If you buy popcorn from Disney World with a Refillable Popcorn Bucket, not only can you get cheap refills during your stay but when you get home, you can use it to eat popcorn.  And if you want to feel like you’re eating popcorn at Disney World, then buy Pop Secret popcorn because that’s what they have at the parks.
    6. Play Disney World games: A great way for family bonding – and to get in touch with your Disney love – is to play Disney games. Try Disney theme park Monopoly, the Disney edition of Pictopia or do a Disney World jigsaw puzzle.
    7. Look for DVC deals: If all of this Disney fun is making you really long for Disney, then check out this video that explains how to find cheap DVC rentals (which you can get even if you’re not a Disney Vacation Club Member).  I love going on here and checking to see if there are any cheap dates upcoming so I can afford another Disney trip. I also love to look for cheap confirmed reservations, which we explain more here.
    8. Earn Swagbucks: Another thing I like to do when I want to pay for another Disney trip is to earn Swagbucks.  I can use the Swagbucks I earn for Disney gift cards to pay for dining, and I can earn Swagbucks from home at any time.  For more information about how to get Swagbucks for Disney gift cards, click here.
    9. Read Disney World books: If you are planning on going on another Disney World trip, then you’ll love reading Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World 2019.  I’ve been reading new editions of this book for years so I can take notes and get excited for the next Disney trip.
    10. Watch Disney movies: As your next Disney trip approaches, watching Disney, Pixar, Lucasfilm, etc. movies can get you pumped for your favorite rides.  When you watch Star Wars you’ll want to ride Star Tours, when you watch Indiana Jones, you’ll want to see the Indiana Jones Stunt Show, when you watch Toy Story you’ll want to go to Toy Story Land, when you watch Pirates of the Caribbean you’ll want to ride Pirates of the Caribbean, when you watch The Lion King you’ll want to see Festival of the Lion King, when you watch Pocahontas you’ll want to see Fantasmic, when you watch Avatar you’ll want to go to Pandora – World of Avatar, etc.


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Do you miss Disney World? Here are activities you can do in between Disney World trips. Find out how to cook your favorite Disney dishes from the parks & festivals (including Mickey waffles!), how to watch videos while you exercise, listen to songs & sounds from Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, etc., get popcorn that takes like the parks, have family night WDW games, books to read and how to find a cheap way to get back to Disney World ASAP!