A review of the Mexican Market at the Seven Seas Food Festival at SeaWorld theme park in Orlando, Florida

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Have you been to the Seven Seas Food Festival at SeaWorld Orlando yet?  If not, we highly recommend it!  It is the biggest theme park food festival in all of Orlando, Florida.

We’ve been going to this festival for the past few years and have had a great time each year.  This year, though, might be the best!

One of the reasons it’s so great is that this year, it overlaps with other seasonal celebrations.  For example, the past week was a great Mardi Gras celebration.

They also have an upcoming St. Patrick’s Day celebration (March 17th through March 20th) and Cinco de Mayo celebration (April 29th through May 8th).  These celebrations include fun activities live performers and dance parties.

Food & Drinks

But the main appeal of the Seven Seas Food Festival, as you might gather from the name, is the food.  And the drinks.  There are so many great food and drink options at the festival.

I want to tell you about some of my favorite food and drink markets.  And then I want to tell you about some great tips!

Asian Market

I think the Asian Market may be my favorite food and drink station.  They have a lot of great and unique food and drink options, like Honjozo Tokubetsu, which is Sake, and Kirin Ichiban Lager, a Japanese craft beer.

One of my favorite entree items here is the Giant Panko Prawns.

Seven Seas Food Festival has delicious Asian menu items like these Giant Panko Prawns at SeaWorld Orlando

It comes with Sea Urchin Aioli and Fresh Lime, but I had it plain.  So I can only comment on the prawns.

The prawns are really good.  I really like Fried Shrimp and it is one of my favorite foods.  I may have liked prawns better.  They’re very soft.

Then the Asian Market has a great dessert item is the Bingsu Salted Vanilla Ice Cream.

The Seven Seas Food Festival at SeaWorld Orlando theme park has delicious desserts like this Bingsu Salted Vanilla Ice Cream

It is topped with Caramel Popcorn.  And it was so good!  The salty and sweet parts worked together beautifully.  I had never had ice cream and popcorn together but I have always loved them separately.  Now I want to have this again!  Every bite was a treat.  And the popcorn was pretty soft!

Brazilian Market

The Brazilian Market has always been a favorite of my family’s.  We have always liked the Brazilian Picanha Steak topped with Chimichurri.

SeaWorld theme park in Orlando, Florida has delicious Brazilian food like this Picanha Steak

It was scrumptious, though the Chimichurri didn’t seem as noticeable as it had in years past.  It was still delicious, though.  I liked the flavor and the spiciness.  It made the back of my mouth hot but I liked it.

I did not eat the vegetables that came with the steak as they were some I do not care for (or actually hate) such as peas.

This year, we also tried the Pao de Queijo, which is Brazilian Cheese Bread.

We love the Pao de Queijo a menu item at the Brazilian Market at SeaWorld's Seven Seas Food Festival

It was soft, flavorful, and delicious.  I think if you love cheese and bread, then you too will love it.

All American Market

The All-American Market Presented by Kraft Heinz Logo is one of my family’s favorite markets.  This year, it is located right by the Voyager’s Smokehouse at the front of the theme park.

My favorite menu item here is the Lobster, White Cheddar KRAFT Mac N Cheese.

I loved the lobster macaroni & cheese at the American food market at SeaWorld's Seven Seas Food Festival, Orlando's largest theme park food festival

I think it was even better than when I had this menu item last year.  I love how the macaroni and cheese taste blends with the lobster.  It is wonderful comfort food.

We also ordered the Brisket Totchos.

We liked the potato tots but not the MAYOCHUP in the Brisket Totchos at Seven Seas Food Festival at SeaWorld theme park in Orlando, Florida

This menu item consists of Slowly Smoked Brisket and Crispy Potato Tots.  It also had Kraft Heinz MAYOCHUP on top of it, which is a combination of mayonnaise and ketchup.

It was unfortunately cold.  The Potato Tots, though, were still really delicious when eaten by themselves.  They were the best part.

The flavors mixed together okay, but the MAYOCHUP tended to be too strong and took over flavor-wise.

The brisket was good, but not amazing.

Italian Market

The Italian market is conveniently located behind Fin’s Goods, across from Shark’s Underwater Grill.  It is right next to Taste of Sicily, which has a lot of great Italian wines.

I really love that part of SeaWorld.  They have a lot of great tables that are covered and have ceiling fans.  There are wonderful views of the water.  So it is a great place to sit and enjoy your meal.

We tried a brand new menu item at the Italian market.  That was the Hot Mozzarella with Cherry Tomato Bruschetta.

My family really liked the Italian food and Sicily wine markets at Seven Seas Food Festival at SeaWorld In Orlando, Florida

This dish consists of Cherry Tomato Salad, Melting Mozzarella, and Crostino Bread.

The tomatoes and cheese were delicious.  The cheese especially was delicious, or as described my family, “out of this world”.  The Crostino Bread was a bit hard but very good.

We did not care much for the Balsamic Glaze.

German Market

Another great market is the German Market.  We tried the Pretzel Bratwurst.

SeaWorld theme park in Orlando, Florida has a great Seven Seas Food Festival serving delicious food, like this German Pretzel Bratwurst

We liked it.  It was a bit surprising since we expected more of a grilled taste.  My guess is they put the brat in the bun and put it in hot water and steamed it.  It was still very good.  The bun must have been a pretzel bun.

Ireland Market

The Ireland Market is brand new to the Seven Seas Food Festival.  This is bound to be the place to be if you visit SeaWorld during the St. Patrick’s Day festivities!

We tried the Crispy Ruben Egg Roll.

The Ireland market is great for the Seven Seas Food Festival & St. Patrick's Day event at SeaWorld theme park in Orlando, Florida

Unfortunately, the egg roll was hard.  It was dark brown in places.  My guess is that it was overcooked.  I had to use my plastic fork to pry into it.

Then inside was corned beef and Swiss cheese, and it was, fortunately, really good.  So it wasn’t all bad.

It was accompanied by cabbage.  My mother, who is normally not a cabbage fan, thought the cabbage was better than most cabbage she had eaten.

Gulf Coast Market

The Gulf Coast Market is located near the Wild Arctic.  This is fitting since that is where the Mardi Gras celebration takes place.

My favorite item at the Gulf Coast Market would have to be the beignets.

The beignets are a delicious dessert served at the Seven Seas Food Festival at SeaWorld theme park in Orlando, Florida

I have had them at a lot of Seven Seas Food Festivals.  But this year, it was especially great.  In fact, I would go so far to say these were the best beignets I have ever had.  And I have eaten a lot of beignets, so I do not give that compliment lightly.  I am comparing them to beignets I have eaten in actual New Orleans, Louisiana.

Mexican Market

I am a big fan of churros, so I was excited to try the Mini Churro Bites.

A review of the Mexican Market at the Seven Seas Food Festival at SeaWorld theme park in Orlando, Florida

It is a new menu item.  It comes with Dulce de Leche and Cinnamon Sugar.

I really liked the Dulce de Leche.  That was actually the best part.

The churros, unfortunately, were a bit hard.  They were good, but I think they were cooked too long.  So if you are looking for a good dessert, I would pick the beignets at the nearby Gulf Coast Market over the Mini Churro Bites or the Bingsu Salted Vanilla Ice Cream at the Asian Market.

Speaking of location, the Mexican market is also close to the Wild Artic part of SeaWorld.  It should be buzzing during the Cinco de Mayo celebration.

Food & Drink Tips

The lines can get long for some of the food and drink markets.

One way to avoid the line is to arrange your schedule so that you eat during an Orca Encounter performance.  So many people at the park go that show, so we’ve noticed the lines are shorter then.

I know you probably want to watch the show, too, but they usually have a performance more than once during the day.  So if you say watch the show earlier in the day, you can eat then during a later Orca Encounter performance.

Now, there are multiple stations with lots of different food options.  And people in your family or your group of friends may have different things they want to try.  But the markets are all over the park.

So go over ahead of time the menu and figure out some of the food and drink options that look best to you.  Then look at a map and see what’s located close together.

For example, my family talked about different foods and drinks we wanted.  But we then realized we wanted things from the following markets: Brazil, Asia, Ireland, and Germany.  So we decided to sit outside at one of the tables outside Mama’s Pretzel Kitchen, which is where the German market was.  We were able to split up and get out our options.  This was during an Orca encounter show, so we had little to no lines.  And then we all sat together and had a nice meal.

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A picture of Bayside Stadium, where they hold concerts during SeaWorld Orlando's Seven Seas Food Festival

Hear artists like Journey and Flo Rida at the Seven Seas Food Festival at SeaWorld theme park in Orlando, Florida

One of the fun things about this festival is that in addition to food, you can also see a great concert.  The concerts take place at Bayside Stadium.  This is where the ice skating show is held during the Christmas Celebration.

Here is some of the upcoming talent:

  • Saturday, March 12th: Tribute Artists
    • Highway to Hell – A Tribute to AC/DC
    • Absolute Def Leppard – A Tribute to Def Leppard
    • Absolute Queen – A Tribute to Queen
  • Sunday, March 13th: LOCASH
  • Saturday, March 19th: Everclear
  • Sunday, March 20th: Steve Augeri, former lead vocalist of Journey
  • Saturday, March 26th: TBA
  • Sunday, March 27th: TBA
  • Saturday, April 9th: Mike Donehey, lead singer of Tenth Avenue North
  • Sunday, April 10th: Flo Rida
  • Sunday, April 17th: Tribute Artists
    • Best of Both Worlds – A Tribute to Van Halen
    • Nuthin’ Fancy – A Tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd
    • In the Light of Led Zeppelin
  • Sunday, April 23rd: Tribute Artists
    • Let It Be – A Tribute to the Beatles
    • Bee Gees Now – A Tribute to the Bee Gees
    • Greggie and the Jets – A Tribute to Elton John

You can see the concert for free as part of your ticket to SeaWorld, which is really great.

Concert Tips

But if the concerts are your favorite part of your festival, you might want to buy a Premium Floor Seating Upgrade ahead of time.  That way, you can make sure you get a seat to the event.  And not only that, it will be a good seat.  Click here to book premium reserved seating.

The lines for the premium seating can get long.  So make sure you line up pretty early on.  We were there with Dionne Warwick was performing and the line at 5:30 for her 7:00 concert was already long.

Also, if you want to ensure you get seats for the concert, you can also buy reserved seating without having to buy premium reserved seating.  This can ensure you get a seat.  Click here to do that.

Seven Seas Food Festival Ticket Tips

Admission to the Seven Seas Food Festival is free with admission to SeaWorld.  So if you already have an annual pass, you are covered!  You might also be covered if you have a Fun Card; you’ll just need to check for your fun card’s blackout dates.  Click here if you are interested in getting in annual pass and click here if you are interested in getting a fun card.

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