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California’s Great America brings great thrills and great funs to the Bay Area.  This Santa Clara theme park has rides for all ages.  There are kid rides, family rides, thrill rides…basically, they have a lot of great rides and attractions!  We’ll go over their great rides and attractions.  And then we’ll tell you how you can save money on your ticket!


There are a lot of great attractions at California’s Great America and its onsite waterpark, South Bay Shores.

Carousel Columbia

Carousel Columbia has been the focal point of California’s Great America since 1976.  It stands more than 100 feet high and is the world’s tallest carousel!  In addition to being a great ride (especially for kids), it is also a great photo opportunity!

Mass Effect: New Earth

Electronic Arts (EA) and California’s Great America teamed up to create this amazing, unique attraction.  It has characters and settings you may recognize from EA’s Mass Effect videogame series.  It is a 3D ride simulator attraction with 4D elements, too.

Flight Deck

Flight Deck is one of the top attractions of the Bay area.  It has been a favorite ride of so many people since it first debuted in 1993.  Then, it was originally called Top Gun after the popular Tom Cruise movie.

Barney Oldfield Speedway

Kids love feeling like they are driving when they get behind the wheels of the antique cars on this attraction.

Drop Tower

Drop Tower takes you up 225 feet into the air in just 35 seconds.  While you’re up there, if it’s a clear day, you can see twenty miles out into the South Bay.  After that, you’re plunged into a free fall of twenty stories in 3.5 seconds!


Demon is one of the first roller coasters that was ever introduced to California’s Great America, and it’s been thrilling guests ever since.


Patriot is California’s Great America’s first floorless roller coaster!


RailBlazer is the first ride of its kind on the West Coast.  It is a roller coaster that features a single rail track.

Celebration Swings

Sit down on one of the Celebration Swings.  But unlike when you get on a swing at your house or the park, you’ll be swung high up in the air!

Sally’s Swing Set

Sally’s Swing Set is a swing ride for the younger guests.


Berserker is one of the oldest attractions at California’s Great America – and it is certainly a classic!  You sit in a car, bobsled style, which then drives around a circular, elevated track.


Centrifuge is another classic ride.  It’s been at California’s Great America since its opening in 1976.  Kids and adults enjoy spinning around in the cars that are part of this attraction.

Breakers Bay

Breakers Bay is a state-of-the-art wave pool in South Bay Shores.

Mission Falls

Mission Falls is a water slide that is the first of its kind on the West Coast.  You and a friend can get on a two-person tube and slide down a dark chute before being rocketed back up a nearly vertical wall!

NorCal Wipeout

NorCal Wipeout is an enclosed, two-person water slide with fun twists and turns.

Pacific Surge

Pacific Surge is a water park attraction with six different water slides with three different waterslide experiences.  Barracuda is the most intense slide, with high speeds and thrilling turns.  The Shark Reef Plunge features an almost completely vertical free-fall after the floor drops out from under you.  Feeding Frenzy is a partially enclosed tube slide where you spin around a single tube until being dropped into a bowl.

Reef Racer

Reef Racer features two different water slide options.  There’s a dark tube slide with a 360-degree turn and then there’s a slide with a complete free-fall slide and a direct drop to the bottom.

Coastal Cruz

Coastal Cruz is a family waterslide ride where families of up to four can get on a raft and go down a slide that begins from a 54-foot-tall platform.

Tide Pool

Tide Pool is a zero-depth entry pool that kids and adults can enjoy together!

Otter Trotter

Otter Trotter is a water-play area that was designed specifically with toddlers in mind.

Pup’s Pier

Little kids and big kids alike can enjoy the water play area of Pup’s Pier.  It’s got a cool water wheel, water guns, interactive spray jets, net bridges, and a 500-gallon tipping bucket.  And for us adults, there are comfortable lounge chairs!

Rip Roaring Rapids

Rip Roaring Rapids is a fun whitewater rafting ride that is a great way to cool off when the weather is hot!

Rushin’ River

Rushin’ River is one of the Bay Area’s longest lazy rivers and it is a great way to relax.

Thunder Raceway

Thunder Raceway is a fun go-karting attraction where you can speed your way around the track to see if you can beat your friends and family!

Whitewater Falls

Whitewater Falls is a crowd-favorite ride where the highlight is splashing down a 45-foot waterfall!

Gold Striker

Gold Striker is a wonderful, modern wooden roller coaster ride.

Lucy’s Crabbie Cabbies

Lucy’s Crabbie Cabbies is a great mini roller coaster that is the perfect ride for kids too small for regular roller coasters but who want more thrills!  It is also a great way to see if your kid is ready for a more intense roller coaster.  Think of it as a starter roller coaster!

Woodstock Express

Woodstock Express is another great kid roller coaster.

Psycho Mouse

Psycho Mouse may look like a kid’s roller coaster, but it is a sneaky ride that is wilder than you might think!

Tiki Twirl

Tiki Twirl is a fun ride with great theming, including 40-foot-tall torches, relics, tropical landscaping, jungle drums, and tribal music.


Delirium is a high-thrill ride where you can get as high as 64 feet in the air, which is more than 6 stories!

The Grizzly

The Grizzly is a classic wooden roller coaster.

Character Carousel

Character Carousel is another fun carousel ride, with fun animals that move up and down.

Delta Flyer/Eagle’s Flight

This ride is a great way to see the entire theme park.  You get 360-degree views from your gondola.

It is also a great way to get across the park.  You can start at Eagles Flight near Pyscho Mouse and end at Delta Flyer near Flight Deck, or vice versa!

Star Tower

Star Tower is a 200-foot tall observation tower.  It has the distinction of being Northern California’s tallest observation tower.  On a clear day, not only will you get views of the park, but of San Francisco as well!


GR8 SK8 is an attraction where you can take a ride on Snoopy’s colorful skateboard!


This attraction is a great way for kids to feel like they’re racing around the speedway like their favorite racecar drivers!

Sally’s Love Buggies

Sally’s Love Buggies is an interactive family ride where kids and adults can get into cars together and kids can “drive” the car.  And by that, I mean man the controls to make the cars go up and down as they spin around in a circle.


Guests board cars that spin at increasing speeds and get lifted by a large hydraulic arm to as high as eighty feet in the air.


Children can board rotating mini-pirate ships to help Snoopy escape the evil pirate!

Joe Cool’s Dodgem School

Joe Cool’s Dodgem School is a great bumper car attraction for the kids.

Rue le Dodge

Rue le Dodge is another bumper car attraction that us adults can enjoy.

Snoopy’s Space Buggies

This ride will make young astronauts feel like they’re flying in space!

Snoopy’s Space Race

Snoopy’s Space Race will make kids think they are flying to the moon in a small rocket!

The Pumpkin Patch

Board a pumpkin that flies thirty feet into the air!

Kite Eating Tree

Kite Eating Tree is a miniature drop tower, Charlie Brown-themed ride where guests go up and down a tree.

Flying Ace

Flying Ace is a PEANUTS-themed children’s ride.  Kids board a plane that rotates in a clockwise and counter-clockwise direction.  It eventually reaches a height of twenty feet.

Planet Snoopy Construction Zone

Planet Snoopy Construction Zone is a fun playground for kids with a climbing structure, interactive play elements, and multiple slides.  It is a great way for kids to release their energy while you can relax!

Xtreme Skyflyer

Xtreme Skyflyer is a great attraction that combines skydiving, hang gliding, and swinging all in one.

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