Disney's Columbia Harbour House has delicious chicken, shrimp and fish platters you can eat at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando

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I really love visiting Magic Kingdom whenever I visit the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.  It’s my favorite part at Disney World and has some of my favorite rides in any theme park.

But if I had one complaint about Magic Kingdom, then it would have to be the food.  There are not nearly enough good dining options.

But luckily, there are a few restaurants my family really likes.  And one of those restaurants is Columbia Harbour House.

Columbia Harbour House is a great dining option in Liberty Square of Magic Kingdom, part of Disney World in Orlando, FL

Columbia Harbour House is a quick-service restaurant.  That means you can order your food ahead of time through the My Disney Experience App.  Then, you pick it up and can take it back to your table.

A picture of the mobile order pick-up you can go to to get your food at Columbia Harbour House in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World

You can save a little money going here rather than a sit-down restaurant in that you won’t have to bother with a tip.

So today, we want to tell you about why we like Columbia Harbour House (and what we don’t like about the restaurant).  And then we’ll tell you how you can save money on tickets to Disney World!


One of the things I like about Columbia Harbour House is the theming.  Not all quick-service restaurants at theme parks have extensive theming.  In fact, you generally expect that at more expensive sit-down restaurants, like Space 220.

But Columbia Harbour House is definitely themed.  It is themed to a New England revolutionary era inn.  You can see it even on the outside of the restaurant.

I love the picture of the boats outside Disney's Columbia Harbour House in Magic Kingdom in Orlando

And you can see it throughout the decorations throughout the restaurant.

Disney's Columbia Harbour House has great Revolutionary era decor throughout the quick-service restaurant

A picture of the interior of Columbia Harbour House, a Revolutionary era patriotic themed restaurant in Liberty Square at the Walt Disney World Resort

Disney's Columbia Harbour House has great New England theming like this Boston sign

Columbia Harbour House at Disney World has Revolutionary era theming that is seen throughout the restaurant's decorations

Columbia Harbour House is a heavily themed quick service restaurant at Disney World with a historic theming around the time of the Revolutionary War in America

Columbia Harbour House at Disney World has a revolutionary era American theme as seen in the decorations seen here

Disney's Columbia Harbour House is a great restaurant with wonderful American theming in Orlando, Florida

The servers even dress in Revolutionary-era outfits, which I think is a really great touch.  One thing I like about themed restaurants is that it can if it is immersive enough you can feel like you’ve stepped into a different place or era, and I think Columbia Harbour House does a great job with that.

Convenient Location

Disney World's Columbia Harbour House is conveniently close to good rides like Peter Pan, Haunted Mansion & It's A Small World

Another great thing about Columbia Harbour House is its location.  It is really close to some of my favorite rides.  It is in Liberty Square and is really close to Haunted Mansion.  But it is also really close to Fantasyland and classic rides like Peter Pan’s Flight and It’s A Small World.

This convenient location works out really great if you use Disney Genie Plus.  Disney Genie Plus, by the way, is an updated version of Disney’s old Fastpass System.  It lets you skip the lines and gives you a shorter wait time.  You can read the specifics of the system here.

If you make a Lightning Lane Selection with Disney Genie Plus, then you’ll get a time frame (like, say, 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM) and you can only redeem the pass during this time.

When we were at Disney World last month, we had a Lightning Lane Pass for both Peter Pan and Pirates of the Caribbean, with a short window in between.  But we were also hungry for dinner.  But because Peter Pan is so close to Columbia Harbour House and Columbia Harbour House is in between the rides, we were able to eat our meal in between our rides.

Since the restaurant is quick service, we even ordered our food through the My Disney Experience App before we did Peter Pan.  Once we were done with the ride, we pressed the button on the My Disney Experience App to let Disney know we were there and ready for our food.

So we didn’t feel like we had to rush our meal and we were able to easily do both rides – and we had short lines for both rides.

By the way, if you are considering purchasing Disney Genie Plus for your next trip to Disney World, read our reasons why Disney Genie Plus is worth the cost.  Also, check out these Disney Genie Plus tips.

Indoor Seating

Columbia Harbour House at Liberty Square in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World has two floors of indoor seatingAnother thing I like about this restaurant is that it has indoor seating.  It has two floors worth of tables.  This is good on exceptionally hot days when you want to get out of the sun.  Or especially cold days (which can happen, especially in January) when you want to warm up.  It is also great if it is raining, which happens a lot in Florida.


But all the other things wouldn’t matter if the food wasn’t good, right?  But luckily, it is.

Now one complaint I do have about the restaurant is that I liked the entrees better a few years ago.  Then, I could just order an entree of Fried Shrimp, which everyone in my family liked.

You can still order Fried Shrimp.  But you get it by ordering a Trio Platter.  You get French Fries and Hush Puppies still.  But in addition to Fried Shrimp, you also get Battered Fish and Chicken Strips.  Luckily, I do like all these foods.

A picture of the Trio Platter, which is Fried Shrimp, Chicken Strips, and Battered Fish. at Columbia Harbour House at Disney World in Orlando, FL

Disney's Columbia Harbour House has delicious chicken, shrimp and fish platters you can eat at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando

And I can still get Hush Puppies, which was always my favorite part anyway.  A negative however of this Trio Platter is that it is more expensive.  As of today, the meal is $14.29.

Additionally, I must that my family has we’ll say mixed reactions to fish.  But that’s why I am excited to tell you about a nice hack that can save your family money.

Since this is a quick-service restaurant, you don’t have to individually order anything.  So one thing you can do is that if everyone in your family likes at least one of the chicken, shrimp, and fish platter, is that you can basically treat these meals as shareable.  Last time I went here, I ordered just two platters for my whole family.  We were able to divide the meal up and it was great portion-wise.  And this made the entire meal more affordable.  So depending on your appetite, you might be able to save a little money by ordering less meals and dividing it up between your family.  And if you are still hungry a bit later, you can always order dessert somewhere, right?

One other note I will mention, however, if you are deciding between this and another entree item, is that I think fish has been mixed here.  I have had delicious fish here but also not so delicious fish.  The chicken and shrimp have more consistently been good.

Also, one other thing to note about the Columbia Harbour House menu is that they’ve recently added some exciting new menu items.  I really like them because they are appropriately themed to the very nearby ride, Haunted Mansion.

A picture of the Doom Burger, a Haunted Mansion themed food item at Columbia Harbour House at Walt Disney World in Orlando

You can get the Doom Burger.  This is a Plant-based Crab Cake Sandwich topped with Red Onion and Cabbage Slaw.  It also comes with French Fries.

You can also order Spoon for One More, which is a side menu item.  It is New England Clam Chowder served appropriately in a Black Sourdough Bread Bowl.


So overall, I definitely recommend Columbia Harbour House if you are visiting Magic Kingdom.  Even though it is quick service, it is wonderfully themed.  The location in Liberty Square right by Fantasyland is great.  And your family can share platter meals, which saves you money.  It is definitely one of the best restaurants in Magic Kingdom.

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