My family and I loved our breakfast buffet at Amatista Cookhouse, a sit-down restaurant at Loews Sapphire Falls at the Universal Orlando Resort

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Breakfast has always been one of my favorite foods.  I have a deep appreciation for delicious breakfast foods.

And I love a good breakfast buffet during a vacation.  You may remember me giving favorable reviews to the breakfast buffet at the Beach & Yacht Club and Polynesian Village at Disney World.

But those aren’t the only great breakfast buffets in Orlando, Florida.  My family recently went to the Island Sunrise Breakfast Buffet at Amatista Cookhouse.  It is located on the bottom floor of Loews Sapphire Falls, a Universal Orlando Resort on-site hotel.  My family was staying at Sapphire Falls so this made the breakfast incredibly convenient.  We went there the last day of our vacation.  We were able to go to breakfast, then go back to the room, pack up the car, and leave Orlando.

It made for a really nice last day of the trip.  We’ll tell you why in our review.  And then we’ll tell you how you can save money on a stay at Sapphire Falls!

Amatista Cookhouse Atmosphere

First of all, I love the atmosphere of Amatista Cookhouse.  Amatista Cookhouse has an elegant yet laid-back atmosphere.  It fits the theming of the hotel, Sapphire Falls, well.  Sapphire Falls is an upscale hotel with a Caribbean feel.  So you have the upscale feeling of a nice hotel while at the same having the laid-back Caribbean feel.

Amatista Cookhouse at Universal Orlando's Sapphire Falls has a laid-back but elegant atmosphere.

Food Review

So one of the great things about the buffet at Amatista Cookhouse is how much food you can get.  They truly have large selection.

You can get a lot of warm foods, like eggs, bacon, and sausage.

Loews Sapphire Falls has a restaurant, Amatista Cookhouse, offering a breakfast buffet with a very large variety of foods

They also lay out a number of pastries, like mini muffins, cinnamon rolls, and donuts.

Universal Orlando's onsite hotel Sapphire Falls has a great breakfast buffet with delicious pastries like these mini muffins and cinnamon rolls

They are an assortment of bagels you can get.

Universal Orlando's Amatista Cookhouse has a wonderful breakfast buffet like these bagels and juice

There’s a toaster you can use to toast them.

They also have a lot of juices available.

One of the most popular features at the breakfast buffet would be the omelet station.

Have your omelet specially made at the breakfast buffet at Amatista Cookhouse at Universal Orlando's Sapphrie Falls Resort

You can get in line and someone will customize your omelet for you! This is great because you can really customize it to have your favorite ingredients.

While we were here, we had no problems with waits.  There are so many food options here that there was never a long line.  The only exception might be the omelet station.  The line for the omelet station could be a bit long.

So how was the food?  Well, it was mostly incredibly delicious!

My family and I loved our breakfast buffet at Amatista Cookhouse, a sit-down restaurant at Loews Sapphire Falls at the Universal Orlando Resort

Universal's Sapphire Falls has a great breakfast buffet at their restaurant, Amatista Cookhouse, with delicious breakfast foods

The fresh fruit was my favorite part of the breakfast buffet at Amatista Cookhouse at the Universal Orlando Resort

We liked the eggs and bacon part of our breakfast buffet meal at Amatista Cookhouse the signature restaurant of Loews Sapphire Falls, a hotel at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida

When my family stayed at Loews Sapphire Falls at Universal Orlando Resort we had a delicious breakfast buffet at the hotel's onsite restaurant, Amatista Cookhouse

I’ll start with the foods I didn’t like as much.  The breakfast potatoes were mixed with some at family liking it, others not liking the onions in it.  I would say that if you don’t like onions, you should stay away from the breakfast potatoes.

The biscuits were okay.  They certainly weren’t the worst biscuits I have ever had.  But they weren’t the best, either.

But now on to the food that we did like!  We liked the capers.  The smoked salmon was good.  The bacon was delicious and the eggs were really good.  The cinnamon roll was good.  My favorite of the pastries though was the donut.  They were especially good – and as you can see from the pictures, beautiful, too.  We liked the pancakes, though they were overshadowed a bit by the other delicious offerings.

But perhaps my favorite part was the fresh fruit.  Fruit at breakfast buffets can be mixed.  I have found that sometimes they put out fruit that isn’t the freshest and then is hard and not as tasty.  But this fruit was clearly fresh.  It was so delicious I kept going back for more servings.  My favorite was the watermelon.  It was so good!


The Island Sunrise Breakfast Buffet at Amatista Cookhouse at Sapphire Falls is definitely worth the price of admission.  They serve so many delicious foods at the buffet.  I can’t promise you’ll love every food they serve at the breakfast buffet.  But they offer such a great mix of foods and cook so many foods so well, you are bound to find more than enough that will satisfy your taste buds.

And the atmosphere is the cherry on the top.  It makes for a relaxing, laid-back but upscale meal.  A wonderful addition to any trip to the Universal Orlando Resort in Florida.

Sapphire Falls Discount Prices

You don’t have to stay at Sapphire Falls to enjoy this breakfast.  Sapphire Falls offers boat transportation from Universal CityWalk so you can take a boat here.  You can also walk from CityWalk.

But having said that, eating at this breakfast is the most convenient if you are staying at Sapphire Falls.  It is on the first floor of the hotel so you just need to take the elevator from your room to the restaurant.

Sapphire Falls is also a great hotel.  And you can get a great deal for Sapphire Falls by booking your hotel here.   You can even add on Universal Orlando tickets through this website.  There is even a saving if you book your hotel and Universal tickets together!