Learn about India culture & cuisine from homes of locals in online cooking courses

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Top 10 Virtual Indian Cooking Class

One thing I have done less of in 2020 than I did in 2019 was travel.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t travel virtually.  There are a lot of great experiences online that can give you the feeling of traveling.  You can stay in your home and still feel like you are experiencing a new culture.

Which is exactly why I like virtual cooking classes.  If you take a virtual cooking class, you can learn the food of a new culture.  You get to keep these skills and recipes going forward.

And what’s exciting about these virtual Indian cooking classes is that they are out of India.  So you will really like you are in India!

So check out these virtual classes.  And if you get in the mood for a new culture and cuisine, just check out our list of the best virtual Italian cooking classes.

Oh, and by the way, these make great Christmas, Hanukkah, or birthday presents for anyone who likes cooking or Indian food!

1. Traveling Spoon Indian Lentils Private Online Cooking Class

Get private, one-on-one online cooking instruction with a Jaipur local in this wonderful online cooking class.  You learn to cook traditional dal and aloo gobi.  You even learn the Shalini’s family recipe for mixed dal, which is a delicious and healthy spiced lentils dish.  In addition to learning Indian recipes, you also get introduced to India’s culture.  Click here to get started.

2. Online Indian Cooking Class out of New Delhi

Learn easy cooking techniques and get a real taste of Indian flavor in this online cooking class.  Learn from a New Delhi local.

You’ll start with curries and flavorful rice.  You’ll learn how to knead dough and roll chapattis.  In no time, you’ll have cooked up a perfect Indian homemade meal!  You even get to keep your easy-to-follow recipe so you can keep making this dish for years to come!  It is a wonderful way to learn about Indian cuisine and culture.  Click here to get started.

3. Appetizing virtual cooking class from Delhi

Here’s another great cooking class out of New Delhi, India.  You’ll learn traditional Indian dishes in this class, like India’s Famous Pav Bhaji as a main course and Sheer Khurma as dessert.  If you have any questions, you can just ask questions as you go!  You’ll meet your instructor’s family and learn about their home, culture, and of course the delicious food they eat!

4. Virtual Authentic Indian Tea and Paratha Cooking Class

Learn to cook from Kajal, a chef based in Mumbai.  Kajal shares not only her cooking with you but her culture as well!

She teaches you how to make a traditional paratha, which are the popular unleavened flat-breads made with flour, salt, butter & water.  Kajal also teaches you how to make masala tea, which is delicious Indian milk tea made with a blend of spices like ginger.

Click here to get started.

5. Learn the Flavors of Local Dharamshala Cuisine

Learn the intricacies of preparing Indian food in this virtual class.  You learn from an English speaking local out of Dharamshala, India and you can engage – and cook! – with her.

Here is a sample menu:


  • Rice
  • Potato & French Beans or any season vegetable
  • Local Vegetable/Chicken
  • Indian Chapati


  • Tea/Coffee

6. Small-Group Authentic Mumbai Virtual Cooking Class with Dessert

If you’ve ever wanted to learn authentic Mumbai cooking, then you should take this virtual cooking class.  The chef comes to you live from Mumbai, India.  And the instructor teaches you step-by-step processes of how to make popular, Mumbai-inspired food like pav bhaji, which is a bread roll.  You also get to learn how to make a traditional Mumbai dessert like rice kheer.

7.Private Interactive Online Cooking Class with a Local Host in Jaipur

This is a private online cooking class where you learn from a local in Jaipur.  You get to not only learn the art of Indian cooking but you also get to immerse yourself in an authentic Indian home.  You’ll be introduced to an Indian kitchen and briefed on all the different types of Indian cuisine.  This class has more of a focus on North Indian cuisine which includes dishes like chapati, paratha, seasonal vegetable curries (aloo gobhi, garlic bhindi, dal, carrot curry, pumpkin curry, tinda curry, paneer masala, gutta curry, egg plant masala, and baingan bharta).  After a demonstration, you get to make round chapatis (Indian bread) and one vegetable curry yourself.

8. The Delhi Rasoi – Virtual classes in a Real kitchen

In the Delhi Rasoi class, you learn how to cook traditional Indian dishes.  You also learn the importance as well as the benefits of spices in Indian cooking.

Sample food you could make include:

  • Palak paneer
  • Dal Tadka
  • Bhindi
  • Eggplant
  • Rice
  • Bread
  • Chutney

You’ll leave this class with a better understanding of Indian spices and herbs used in Indian cooking and a better sense of Indian culture.

Click here to get started.

9. Authentic Indian Virtual Cooking Class

Learn how to make a selection of classic North Indian vegetarian and meat dishes over Zoom.  In addition to learning about food, you also learn about Indian culture and history.  You get to learn from a local right out of their home.  So it really is a truly authentic Indian experience.  Click here to get started.

10. Vegetarian Indian Cuisine Virtual Cooking Class Experience from Mumbai

If you are a vegetarian and want a class that only teaches you how to cook Vegetarian Indian cuisine, then take this Vegetarian Indian Cuisine Virtual Cooking Class Experience from Mumbai.  You’ll learn popular Vegetarian dishes like Panner Mutter Masala (which is Cottage Cheese gravy with peas) and Cumin Seeds Rice.  Through the virtual class, you get a peek into a home in Mumbai and learn about Indian culture, too.