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The Rocks in Sydney, Australia, is named after the rocky peninsula on the western side of the cove where the first convicts and their guards came ashore and made camp.  It is the birthplace of modern Sydney and the city’s oldest colonial neighborhood.

We’re going to tell you about a great ghost tour in Sydney and then we’re going to tell you how you can save money on this tour.

The Haunted Sydney Ghost Tour will take you back in time to historic Sydney.  A time when the Rocks Push, a notorious gang, ruled the street, fighting with other gangs and committing theft and assault on civilians and the police.  A time when public executions were common.

On this tour, you will discover slums overrun with mass burial pits, opium dens and grog haunts.  Your professional guide will tell you stories of ghosts searching for their loved ones.  You’ll also hear tales of ghosts searching for revenge on those who caused their deaths.  And you might  experience the unexplained.

Your guide will tell you chilling tales of hauntings.  He/she will also show you photographic evidence of paranormal activity.

Let your guide take you to a haunted site.  Bring your camera.  Who knows what you might capture.  Explore forbidding alleys, tunnels and other creepy places.

Unspeakable tragedies gave birth to paranormal activity.  Take a deep dive into the tortured spirits that prowl the streets after the sun has set.  See and hear evidence of the hauntings that continue to this day.

This tour will give you 90 minutes of storytelling and seeing haunts and sights that will have you captivated.  

There will be a leisurely 2 km of walking with some uneven paths and stairs.  You’ll need to wear comfortable shoes dress for the weather. 


And now like promised we’ll get to the part about you saving money.  Book your tour here and you can save $2 on each ticket.  The savings will be automatic.  You won’t need to enter a discount code or promo code.