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Red Wing Minnesota has history, natural beauty and small town charm. It also has a dark side and that’s what you’ll hear about on the Red Wing Ghost Walk.

Your professional guide will also be a paranormal expert. He’ll tell you about the tragedies and deaths and show you the haunted sites.

In 1890, the Sea Wing took passengers on a pleasure cruise on the Mississippi River. A gale from a storm capsized the ship and 98 passengers drowned in the murky waters of the Mississippi. The St. James Hotel was used as a temporary morgue. It shouldn’t be surprising that so many lost souls roam the streets at night.

Your guide will tell you about Pepie, large, serpentine creature who is said to live in the depths of Lake Pepin along the Mississippi. Is it fact or fiction? You’ll hear about local Civil War history and Native American Maiden Rock folklore.

St. James Hotel

In 1875, during construction of the St. James Hotel, workers discovered skeletons. The hotel was built on Native American burial ground.

The St. James Hotel is considered by many to be one of the most haunted hotels in the country. Creepy stories and ghost stories have been told about this hotel for over a hundred years. There are tales of cold spots and hearing whispers when no one is there. Many people have reported seeing disembodied faces staring at them in the basement. A construction worker fell to his death in the hotel. Ever since then, people have reported seeing a man in overalls on the stairs and when they approach him he vanishes.

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You’ll hear stories of loss, betrayal, tragedy and murder and see the hidden side of historic Red Wing.


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