Coupon For Boston Harbor Lobster Charter, Catch & Cook

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Boston Harbor Lobster Charter, Catch & Cook

Check out a uniquely New England experience!

You’ll meet the Christina Marie and Captain John on the docks at the Houghs Neck Maritime Center next to the historic Public Landing.

You’ll cruise the Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area.  See the historic Boston Light which is celebrating its 300th year of operation.  It is still welcoming sailors to Boston Harbor.  See Georges Island and its Civil War-era historic Fort Warren.  Cruise by the large Peddocks Island.  The views of the islands from the water are beautiful.

Captain John is entertaining as well as informative.  He’ll tell you about Boston Harbor, the islands, and the history of the area.  Listen to stories of the islands.  Learn about lobsters, crabs, and other sea life.  You’ll also hear about the lobster industry and local culture.

The trip is for a small group and is very hands-on.  Everyone will have a chance to do every part of the process.  Captain John will go over the basics of lobstering and then it’s time to do it!

Lobster traps have been an essential tool for lobster fishermen for more than 200 years.  Lobstermen retrieve their traps by using a gaff (a hooked pole) to raise the trap.  Lobsters less than regulation size or female lobsters with eggs must be returned to the ocean.

You’ll get to haul up the traps and then send them down the boat’s rail.  Next, the lobsters and crabs will be pulled out of the traps and you check the catch.  Captain John will show you how to check for regulation size and check for male or female.  Their claws will be banded and the keepers will be put into the live well.

Then you’ll put fresh bait in the bags, secure them in the trap, and send the traps back to the ocean floor.

The option to keep your catch will be yours.  Be sure to bring your camera.  You’re sure to get some amazing photos of the entire process and the harbor!

Once back at the dock, Captain John will steam up your catch.  It will be delicious and you’ll never have a fresher lobster!

Captain John will show you the best way to steam the lobster, how to properly crack it open, and how to get to every last little bit of the meat.

This is a once in a lifetime experience and an afternoon you’ll never forget!


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