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Set out on an hour-long journey through the haunted streets and darkest corners of Salem.  Your guide will be a paranormal expert.  He/she will lead you through a series of haunted locations and you’ll hear the sinister stories about each one. 

If you’ve watched “Hocus Pocus,” you’ve seen Ropes Mansion.  Locals say it’s haunted.  Find out for yourself.

Built in 1816, the Old Town Hall is the earliest surviving city building in Salem.  It was also featured in “Hocus Pocus.”  It is said to be one of the most haunted buildings in Salem.  Lights go off and on in the building.  Objects suddenly get thrown about.  Loud noises have come from the building at night when no one is in it.

Ghostly images appear in the windows at night.  These have been captured in pictures, but management in the Town Hall denies that it’s haunted.

Four different apparitions have been seen on Front Street outside the building.  Be prepared as you may encounter some paranormal activity at this location.

Old Burying Point is the oldest cemetery in Salem and the second oldest in the U.S.  Judge John Hathorne who presided over the Salem Witch Trials is buried there.  Most of the names associated with the trials can be found in Old Burying Point.

Many people who have visited Old Burying Point have been overwhelmed with sensations of sadness and despair.  People have captured EVP of voices from the beyond at the cemetery.  Photographs have captured mysterious shadows, orbs, emanating lights, white mist and apparitions.   

EMF Meter

Your ticket will include the use of an EMF meter.  EMF stands for electromagnetic fields and an EMF meter will detect that.  Your guide can show you how to use the meter to detect paranormal activity.  You’ll be in a place that locals maintain is haunted and you’ll have the equipment to capture evidence of the haunting.  If this sounds like fun, then this tour is for you!


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