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SkyVenture New Hampshire

Enjoy a day of fun and adventure at SkyVenture New Hampshire in Nashau, part of the Boston area.  The largest indoor wave park in North America, the surf pool sets surfers atop a standing wave.  Depending on the settings of its modular Surfstream machine, the wave can reach heights of up to 6 feet.  Ride the wave!

Experienced surfers can stay in condition and improve their balance year-round at Surf’s Up.  Beginners can work on mounting their boards and learning the basics.

SurfStream, as featured on the Discovery Channel, can release a rush of 750,000 liters of water each minute.  The water temperature’s always 83 degrees so there’s no need for wetsuits.

Immerse yourself in the world of high-intensity skydiving without having to jump out of a plane.  Take flight in the state-of-the-art indoor vertical wind tunnel.  Float above the trampoline floor with ease and no experience is necessary.

Flying in the wind tunnel and riding the waves aren’t the only way to have fun at SkyVenture.

A unique water ride, Fishpipe NH slides you further than the worlds’s longest water slide.  With 2 or 3 riders inside the barrel, they slip and slide together sideways, frontwards and backwards.  you ride alone, you can try to run inside the barrel or try surfing on your feet or just slide. 

SkyVenture’s Rock Wall is the most realistic climbing experience currently available.  The Rock Wall features 8 routes: beginner, intermediate, and expert.  Get a bird’s eye view of Surf’s Up as you climb.

The Oasis Cafe offers a freshly prepared breakfast, lunch, and refreshments so you can fuel up for your next adventure.

SkyVenture will give you an action-packed day you’ll never forget!


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