Funplex Myrtle Beach Coupon

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Have you traveled to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina before?  I bet if you did, you had a lot of fun.  You might have thought Myrtle Beach couldn’t get any more fun.  Except come 2021, Myrtle Beach did.

That is because in 2021, Funplex Myrtle Beach had its grand opening!  And what a great addition Funplex was.  Funplex is that perfect marriage between new and modern with good, old-fashioned seaside amusement park fun.

The Funplex Myrtle Beach has a great location, with it being on North Ocean Boulevard just one block from the beach.  So it is close to other fun attractions, like the beach itself of course as well as the Myrtle Beach Skywheel.

There are plenty of fun activities at Funplex Myrtle Beach (after all, fun is in the name) that the whole family can enjoy.  Whether you are looking for thrills or peaceful fun, you’re in the right place.

I want to tell you about some of the fun you can have at Funplex Myrtle Beach.  Then I’ll tell you how you can save money there!


Thrill Rides

Funplex has multiple thrill rides that are very exciting for guests.  Please note these attractions have height minimums.

  • Fun in the Sun
  • Up & Overboard
  • Mach Fun

Famiy Rides

Funplex also has family rides that can be fun for adults and children.  Please note these rides, even though they are not thrill rides, do have height requirements.

  • Hook and Slice
  • Sky Velocity

Kiddie Rides

Then they have a few rides the younger kids can enjoy, too.  And while you do not have to be too tall to ride these, these do have height minimums as well.

  • Sunny Day Swing
  • Hang 10 Silly Cups

Funplex Coupons

If you want to spend a fun day at Funplex and enjoy these rides, then you should get a single-day unlimited ride wristband.  This way, you can ride as many (or as few) rides as you want.

You can currently purchase a Funplex single-day unlimited ride wristband at a discounted price here.  You’ll save 22%, and since the coupon is automatic, no promo code or discount code is needed.

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