A review of the pancakes available at the Smokey Griddle Pancake House in Williamsburg

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Williamsburg, Virginia is one of my family’s favorite travel destinations.  There are so many things to see and do there.  So there are a lot of reasons to love visiting Williamsburg.

But one underrated reason to visit Williamsburg is all the great pancake houses!  This past weekend, my family took a trip to Williamsburg and we decided to get some good breakfast.  So we headed to the Smokey Griddle!

The Smokey Griddle is a pancake house conveniently located on Richmond Road in Williamsburg.  And if you’re staying in a hotel in Williamsburg, there’s a good chance it’s either on Richmond Road or right off of Richmond Road.

The restaurant itself is not huge but there are definitely enough seats.  When we got there, we were told they needed to clear off a table, and then it would be ready.  The wait was a bit longer than that.  And then after we ordered, the wait for our meal was a bit longer.  It wasn’t the longest wait I’ve ever had.  But it wasn’t the shortest, either.

The Smokey Griddle Food Review

But once the meal came, the wait was totally worth it!  I got the chocolate chip pancakes.

A review of the breakfast & brunch available at the Smokey Griddle Pancake House in Williamsburg, Virginia

Now, I have ordered chocolate chip pancakes at restaurants before.  And you can’t really go totally wrong with chocolate chip pancakes.  I mean, it’s chocolate and it’s pancakes.  Two of the best things ever.

But sometimes when you order chocolate chip pancakes, it’s just pancakes with a few chocolate chips placed on top of the pancakes.  And again, that’s still great.

But what makes the chocolate chip pancakes at the Smokey Griddle really stand out is that there are not only chocolate chips on top of the pancakes.  No, there are chocolate chips inside of the pancakes as well.  But at the same time, the chocolate taste didn’t overpower the pancakes.  So that made these pancakes some of the best chocolate chip pancakes I have ever had.

A review of the pancakes available at the Smokey Griddle Pancake House in Williamsburg

So the chocolate chip pancakes were the most popular item ordered among my family.  My mother, though, ordered two eggs and bacon.

Eggs, bacon and home fries you can get at Smokey Griddle Pancake House on Richmond Road in Williamsburg, VA

When you order that you can choose between home fries or grits (she choose home fries) and between toast and a biscuit (she choose a biscuit).

She said all of it was so delicious.  She never got to the biscuit because the rest was so good and filling, but the bacon, potatoes, and eggs were all delicious.

My dad got the French toast.

Smokey Griddle in Williamsburg, Virginia serves delicious breakfast & brunch items like this French Toast

This also came with eggs.  He, too, thought his meal was delicious.

So overall, the food was really good.  Which made any wait well worth it.  Because ultimately, you choose a restaurant for the food, right?

It was also reasonably priced.  And we used a coupon we got in the Go Williamsburg coupon booklet.  You can find these at your hotel, at the Virginia welcome center if you drive in, and other places around town.  I actually picked up the one I used at the William & Mary bookstore near Colonial Williamsburg.  The coupon was for 10% off my order.

Williamsburg Coupons

So speaking of coupons, this wouldn’t be Green Vacation Deals without me telling you about other coupons, right?

So if you are looking to save money on a trip to Williamsburg, here are a few places you need to visit:

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  • Tripster: The other place I love to go for great deals for Williamsburg is Tripster.  They have great deals on even more fun things you can do in Williamsburg, like Historic Jamestowne, the Jamestown Settlement, Yorktown Victory Center, and Yorktown Battlefield.  You can also find great rates for hotels in Williamsburg here, too.  And you can get vacation packages here, too.